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With TD Bank and our check provider, Harland Clarke, you can order checks, address labels, checkbook covers, deposit slips and more. There's something for every style and budget.

The easiest way to order checks is through Online Banking.


  • Log in*
  • Select Account Options
  • Choose "Account Services"
  • Select Order Checks

Your order will be securely sent to Harland Clarke so you'll receive your order on time and without errors. You can also order online directly with Harland Clarke, at your local TD Bank or call us at 800-355-8123.

When you place your order, you will need your TD Bank account number and the TD Bank routing number.

For your security, you must call or visit us to place your first order if you're not an Online Banking customer and have never ordered checks with TD Bank before. We will authenticate your identity so Harland Clarke can process future orders from you.

Prices vary and will be provided at the time you place your order. For a fee, you may also choose to use additional delivery and tracking services, including overnight shipping. Once you complete your order, charges will automatically be debited from your TD Bank account and your order will be shipped to the address on your account.

Remember: You can use your TD Bank Debit Card while you're waiting for your checks to arrive.

At TD Bank, there's always someone to talk to about your account. Call us or come in today.

*SECURITY NOTE: If you changed the address on your account within the last 3 business days, then you must either place your check order at your local TD Bank or wait 3 days to order checks for your checking account online.

†By clicking on this link you are leaving our website and entering a third-party website over which we have no control.

Neither TD Bank US Holding Company, nor its subsidiaries or affiliates, is responsible for the content of third party sites hyper-linked from this page, nor do they guarantee or endorse the information, recommendations, products or services offered on third party sites.

Third party sites may have different Privacy and Security policies than TD Bank US Holding Company. You should review the Privacy and Security policies of any third party website before you provide personal or confidential information.

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In the past, people used to spend hours writing checks. We at CHECKPRINT have decided that it shouldn't be like that anymore, and that is why we came up with a convenient solution. With CHECKPRINT, you will be able to create and print quality checks in a matter of minutes. With our help, you'll find check-printing as fast and simple as any other payment option.

Checks, created with CHECKPRINT, are valid in over 8,000 American banks, regardless of how you print or design them.

  • An unlimited amount of printed checks;
  • Print checks on simple white or blank check paper;
  • Every check you create will be 100% bank-approved, even if you add your own design to it;
  • Transparent and reasonable pricing;
  • Dual authentication to protect your personal data.
Prepare yourself for smooth and stress-free check-printing

With CHECKPRINT, you'll be able to ​​print your own TD Bank checks whenever you need to. Register now and start creating your first check!

TD Bank clients regularly use CHECKPRINT

Personal and business checks created

Paychecks created using CHECKPRINT

CHECKPRINT is incredibly simple to use, even if you have never printed a check before. You can easily master TD Bank check printing by following the steps below.
To start the process, you should register at the CHECKPRINT platform. No worries, you'll only need to provide your name, email address, and password.
Add Your Bank Account Information

If you want to print TD Bank checks online without having to add your bank information every time, you'll need to save it in our form. We'll ask you to provide your account nickname and number, as well as your routing number.

At this point, you can add your company's logo if you want to make your checks look more professional and unique. CHECKPRINT also allows you to add your bank's address, name, and account fraction if you have to.

Create Your First TD Bank Check

You can create standard or blank checks using CHECKPRINT. The process is very simple. All you need to do is fill out the form we give you. After you're done, your check will be created automatically, and you'll be able to print it, save it as a PDF, or email it.

Creating checks is no longer a time-consuming process
Print your TD Bank checks on the go and save your time.
Create my first check now!
We are sure that check-printing can be just as effortless as paying with your credit card. Check out the list of many benefits you'll get if you decide to try CHECKPRINT!
time icon
You can forget about wasting your time at the bank or updating your checkbook information. With CHECKPRINT, you'll be able to create your checks in minutes.
convenience icon
One of the best CHECKPRINT features is that it gives you flexibility in the way you print your checks. We understand that not everyone carries around check stock, so we made sure that you can use simple white paper.
affordability icon
You won't be charged more than we promise. Our payment plans are absolutely transparent with no hidden fees.
security icon
We don't want you to worry about your personal information slipping from your account. That is why we enabled double verification for every CHECKPRINT user.
Smooth and intuitive interface of the web app
Seconds to create your first check!
sam s.
“I often use checks for my work, and it can be inconvenient. Sometimes I'd forget to update my checkbook information, sometimes I'd forget it at home, you know how that is. With CHECKPRINT, I don't have to worry about that anymore. I just use my phone to create checks with any printer I have nearby.”
andreas f.
“I was a free CHECKPRINT user for almost a week and fell in love with it. It's such a simple yet effective solution! Now that I've upgraded to the Professional plan, I do not order checkbooks anymore. With multiple bank accounts, there's also no need to carry several checkbooks around.”
victoria j.
“I often use checks for my personal needs, and ever since I started creating them ​​online, my life has totally changed! Now I can do it wherever I can find a printer, and I don't have to carry my checkbook with me. The best part about CHECKPRINT is how fast and easy it is to use.”
brenda i.
“CHECKPRINT saves me lots of time. Many employees of our firm prefer to get paid with checks. Sometimes it can be exhausting to handwrite them all. CHECKPRINT allows me to create dozens of checks in minutes! I used to spend half a day at best!”
We understand that you might still have some questions. Since we want your experience with CHECKPRINT to be absolutely flawless, we gathered some of the most popular questions below and answered them.
Can I print a check from TD Bank if I don't have blank check stock?
Yes! You can use ordinary white paper, and the result will be 100% valid.
Where can I find the checks I've already created?
All your checks will be stored in your account so that you'll be able to review them anytime you want. Keep in mind that you'll only have access to your checks for 30 days unless you purchase a paid subscription.
I have a watermark all across my check. How do I get rid of it?
That might be happening because you have a free account. To resolve the issue, it might be worth purchasing one of our paid subscriptions. They offer very moderate pricing. Another reason your check could include the watermark is if you accidentally checked the "VOID" box while creating the check. In this case, you'd need to switch the format of your check from "VOID" to "Standard."
Can I edit the check after I've created it if I made a mistake?
Absolutely. All our users can make edits to their checks on their demand. Don't worry. It’s free.
I have 3 bank accounts. Which pricing plan should I get?
Your best choice would be a "Professional" plan. You can include up to 10 bank accounts while you're on it.
With CHECKPRINT, you don’t need to worry about writing your checks manually
Try our solution and discover all the amazing opportunities of modern check printing.
Register to create a check!

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Avoid potentially costly exchange rates and fees while traveling. With TD, you can:

  • Order 60+ foreign currencies online or in person at any TD Bank location and pick up within 2–3 business days1
  • Exchange foreign currency for U.S. dollars when you return from your trip, or if you're a visitor to the U.S.2
  • No TD Bank account is necessary to exchange currency

Want to order in person?
Book an appointment at a TD Bank near you

Pick up currency today at select TD Bank locations or a TD Foreign Exchange Center. Be sure to call ahead to confirm currency availability.

Select TD Bank locations

Some TD locations may have common currencies available for immediate exchange, such as:
  • European euros (EUR)
  • Great British pounds (GBP)
  • Canadian dollars (CAD)
  • Mexican pesos (MXN)
  • Australian dollars (AUD)
  • Japanese yen (JPY)
  • Swiss francs (CHF)

Find a TD Bank with currency near you and call ahead to confirm availability

TD Foreign Exchange Centers

TD Foreign Exchange Centers are TD locations that have up to 15 foreign currencies available for immediate exchange. Find a center near you in one of our major metro areas:

TD Foreign Exchange Centers in Philadelphia
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Order your foreign currency for pickup at a TD Bank near you

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Book an appointment to order and exchange currency at a TD Bank near you

  • Save money: Avoid hidden fees often charged by intermediary banks
  • Lock in rates: Get competitive rates of exchange
  • Send money faster: We bypass potential transfers to multiple banks, so your funds may arrive sooner
  • Rely on transparency: You'll know the exchange rate and foreign currency total before sending so the recipient knows what funds to expect
See the currency options for wires
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Deposit checks drawn on an international bank in either U.S. dollars or foreign currency. In some cases, you may be eligible for immediate credit of funds to your account.2 Foreign checks must be deposited in person.

Book an appointment at your local TD Bank

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An international draft is a secure form of payment that is similar to a check; it is drawn on a bank abroad in the local currency. International drafts must be done in person.

Book an appointment at your local TD Bank