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  • At Panthers games, you can enjoy a day at the game like no other in the Gridiron Club. VIP patrons are treated to a unique indoor/outdoor venue at this club.
  • The exclusive and high-class indoor seating option known as the "One Carolina Club." The long, suite-like spot is perched in back of the Ba
  • In Bank of America Stadium, certain sections of seats are silver and are referred to as the "Silver Club." If you look at the seating chart, you'll see that the Club Level is situated along
  • One of the most recent additions to Panthers home games at Bank of America Stadium is the Silver Club Terrace. These places are situated in the southeast and northeast corners of the auditorium.
  • The 100-Level is one of the best sections in the house for a game at Bank of America Stadium. They'll be able to get a better view of the action from closer to the field, tunnels, and the players'
  • The 500 Level is the highest section in Bank of America Stadium. These seats are usually among the least expensive for a game because
  • The Charlotte FC faithful who cheer their team on the loudest and most consistently can be found in the Supporters Section behind the east goal. Some jubilant singing is expected from these supporters.

Approximately 90% of the seats at Bank of America Stadium are exposed to the sun. Here is a diagram showing the locations of some of the seats that are at least partially covered or shaded at various times of the day. Follow the link for the seat finder to look for tickets and see if they are shaded or dry.

  • The Gridiron Club's seats are cushioned.
view from Section 121
view from Section 522
view from Section 522
view from Section 523
  • The endzone seats in the 200 level and the club seats in the 300 level are very different, despite the fact that they are on the same floor.

    To begin with, you won't be able to take advantage of the same perks that club ticket holders will. Getting in and out of the upper section will also be difficult, so if you anticipate leaving your seat frequently to visit the concourse, select a lower row instead. Finally, endzone seating is adequate, especially when compared to corner and sideline locations. As they are higher than the 100 level, spectators in these sections will have a better view of the field's far side.

  • Lower Level Corner seats are located in each of the stadium's four corners on the ground level of Bank of America Stadium. While the proximity to the field and the near endzone make this a good spot to watch a touchdown, the lack of elevation makes it tough to see the far side of the field. Each of these sub-parts consists of only 20 rows.

    Those sitting in sections 106-107, right in front of the home team tunnel, or in sections 136-137, directly in front of the visiting team tunnel, will have an excellent view of the players as they enter the field.

    If you have photosensitivity, you should stay away from rows 104-107 in the upper corners. When the sun sets, it will blind you in these front row seats.

  • Seating for the Lower Level Endzone is found behind both goalposts on the field level of Bank of America Stadium. The front row of these seats is only 20 yards from the near endzone, making them extremely close to the action on the field. There aren't as good of vantage points on the opposing side of the field. It's tough to get a good sightline towards action near the South goalline because of the low elevation, the goalposts, and the distance.

    Each section has 20 rows, with the last row being the closest to the exit and walkway.

  • Sections 108-115 and 128-135 along the sidelines are the most in-demand seats on the lower level of BOA Stadium. Directly in front of the Panthers' bench and dugout on the west side of the stadium, in sections 128–135, are a few rows of seats. Over on the other side of the field, behind the visitor sideline, fans can relax in a more familiar setting.

    Panthers fans gravitate toward the west side of the field because it's closer to the action, but it also gets less sunlight. During the first few games of the season, when temperatures rise, fans sitting in these sections will be shielded from the sun.

    There are 20 rows of seats in each of the sideline sections, with Row 1 being the closest to the field and Row 20 being the highest point and home to the walkway and concourse tunnels.

  • There are upper level corner seats in each of the four corners of the field at Bank of America Stadium. These sections are typically the least expensive and farthest away from the field for Panthers games.

    These seats do not provide excellent views of the field of play other than in the near endzone. Videoboards on both ends of the field allow you to catch up on what you may have missed in real time.

    Get seats in Sections 534–537 if you want the sun at your back in the late afternoon, and stay away from Sections 507–510.

    Row numbers range from 30 to 34 in these particular segments.

  • In the upper deck, as in all seating areas, the lower the row, the better the view. It could mean the difference between taking 25 steps or none in the endzones.

    As an added bonus, the views from the front rows are much worse than those from the back. It's worth noting that the first few rows have sightlines on par with the suites below them.

    Fans in both endzones will have excellent front-row views of replays and statistics, courtesy of two massive videoboards located on either side of the field.

  • The upper level sideline sections are the largest in the stadium, with 34 rows in each section. It's worth it to spend the money to sit in one of the lower rows, as fans in rows 25 and up will soon find out. The lower sections not only have a better view of the field, but also easier access to the upper concourse. Holding four overly full beer glasses makes you appreciate any shortcuts.

    Slightly more people sit on the west side of the stadium as opposed to the other side. First of all, the Panthers' bench is over here. Also, the sun sets behind you, making this the gloomier side of the building. The ticket prices don't usually reflect the differences in location, so you can get a good deal there.

Reviewed: Section 351, Row 10, Seat 7 / Soccer
Excellent vista - These seats were great because we could see the entire field. One thing to keep in mind: seat 5 is the first one in the row and it's right by the handrail.
Place: Section 543, Row 1A, Seats 5 / Football Review
Football Preview / Section 505, Row 1A
Seat 8 in Section 545 / Football Review
Just Fine Pricing on these seats is reasonable. Some of the players may be obscured, but the field as a whole is in great focus.
The Football Review, Section 523, Row 29, Seat 14
Review of the Football Game from Section 530, Row 6, Seats 8 and 9
50-yard-line-upper-deck - You'll be sitting on the stadium's sunny side. Be sure to protect yourself from the sun by bringing a hat, sunglasses, and other accessories. Assuming, of course, that it is intended to be
Review of the Football Game, Section 515, Row 10, Seat 6
Excellent seating! Fantastic seats, excellent sight lines to all areas of the field. I would recommend these seats to anyone.
Row 18, Seat 10 / Football Review, Section 117
Football Review, Section 543, Row 1 Seat 6
Great Seats! - These seats are located on the home team's side of the field, between the 40th and 45th yards.
Twenty-five and 26 Seats in Row 6 of Section 132 / Football Review

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