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Founded in 1960, Southside Bank prides itself on being a community-driven financial institution that provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions to individuals, commercial organizations, and nonprofit entities that seek its services. The team at Southside Bank is fully aware of the importance of investing in their communities by proactively identifying and addressing the needs of their clients. They firmly believe that providing funds is more than a transaction - it enables borrowers to realize their dreams and aspirations.

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The WalletHub rating, a composite of assessments from WalletHub users and evaluations from other notable websites, was last updated on 05/01/2023. The ratings reflect the effectiveness and efficiency of financial services offered by various institutions.

Having gone through 35 reviews across WalletHub and the web, it is regrettable to note that some Southside Bank customers have had unpleasant experiences. One customer expressed his frustration at the bank's incompetence in handling his account. Despite not using checks or debit cards, his account was still overdrafted for fees. Furthermore, he had to go through a difficult verification process to make a wire transfer to a person of his choice.

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Another customer, unhappy with the bank, wrote that the bank had suspended her account without her consent, only because she had not used her account for two years, causing great inconvenience, and posing a problem for her if she had to make an urgent purchase during a holiday overseas. She lamented that even after re-verifying every merchant every 90 days, she still faced difficulties in processing a transaction with a reputable overseas vendor she had been dealing with for 20 years.

The third reviewer could not contain his disappointment at Southside Bank's technology backwardness, incompetence, and lack of sophistication in digital banking, saying it was the worst banking experience he has ever had. He claims that their mobile app is not user-friendly and requires a lot of unnecessary downloads before customers can perform basic banking functions like freezing their cards. He also complained of a case where he made a deposit of $20 that mistakenly went to another person's account instead of his account.

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Lastly, it is unfortunate that one customer received a credit card from Southside Bank without consent, and the bank failed to provide adequate information, causing confusion and lack of trust. The customer noted that the bank did not even bother to mention its name in the letter, creating the impression of a scam.

Despite these complaints, Southside Bank remains committed to providing excellent financial services that cater to the needs of its clients.

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For nearly five decades, I've trusted Southside Bank with my banking needs, from car loans to mortgages. However, when I recently sought a minor personal loan, despite my credit score of 837, I was inexplicably denied. When I reached out to my loan officer, I was told they were occupied on another line and failed to return my call. The customer service I once appreciated at Southside seems like a distant memory, and I'm left contemplating a transition to Austin Bank, which I've heard offers local ownership and superior customer service.

Product: Southside Bank Personal LoansVerified Customer

Dealing with Southside Bank was a breeze. Their staff is always available to answer my questions, and their community-centric approach makes them feel like a neighborly organization. They exude professionalism while remaining warm in their interactions, which sets them apart from other lenders I've worked with.

Product: Southside Bank Personal Loans

I arrived at Southside Bank with my daughter to open checking and savings accounts. The redheaded teller asked for my daughter's license, which she gave, but I noticed the teller and another male employee discussing my daughter and could not hear the conversation. When I asked if everything was in order, the teller assured me it was. However, this marked the second time I've had similarly uncomfortable interactions with this teller. Fortunately, a sweet and professional employee named Emily Valle made our banking experience pleasant and kept us from switching to a different bank.

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I had banked with Omni American for two decades before its acquisition by Southside, so I switched over. Unfortunately, since then, Southside's service levels have taken a nosedive. There have been issues with deposits, the app is obsolete, and the customer service is terrible. Recently, an ATM on their property kept my debit card without returning it, and the teller was unapologetic. It's a terrible place to bank, and I'll be looking to change providers soon.

Southside Bank is the best. I've relied on their staff for over ten years since moving to Longview. They're friendly and experienced, and even when I needed a car loan or personal loan or opened a new account, they handled it all efficiently and professionally. I recommend newcomers to our city to check with Southside first when choosing their personal or business banking provider. I'm confident that Southside will continue to serve me and my future banking requirements with the same level of expertise and customer care that I have grown accustomed to with my checking account. Thumbs up!

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The Southside Bank Checking product has received ratings from three users without full reviews, and there are a total of 23 reviews gathered from various sources across the web.

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Lisa Cahill, the moderator for credit cards, provides details on the $30 stop payment fee via this link: https://www.southside.com/documents/Miscellaneous-Fees.pdf. For more info, you can also check out the profile page of Southern States Bank. You can also claim this page or report abuse by clicking on these links: Claim This Page or Report Abuse.

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