Tutorial on How to Cancel a Check

In order to prevent a check from being deposited or cashed, it must be marked "VOID" across the front of the check.

A check that has been marked "VOID" on the front is considered null and void. A check that has been marked "VOID" cannot be deposited or cashed. When something is voided, it becomes null and void. Therefore, if the amount you write on a check is the exact amount of money that is in your bank account, voiding the check will leave your bank account empty.  

A voided check is no longer valid as a check and cannot be deposited. Generally speaking, a check is an authorization for the beneficiary to make a withdrawal from your checking account for a certain amount. If the check is canceled, the recipient will no longer have access to these funds.  


Several Reasons Why a Void Check May Be Necessary

Creating an electronic link between your checking account and a merchant may require a voided check. To receive direct deposit of your wages or to arrange for regular payments like your bills, you will likely need to activate this link.  

Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer

All of your paper checks feature your banking details, including your bank or credit union's name, your account number, and your routing number. A voided check provides the person setting up the link to your bank account with all the information necessary to initiate a direct deposit. However, they will be unable to use the check to deduct funds from your account because it is null and void.  

The Convenience of a Recurring Payment System

Automatic payments can also be established with a voided check. Automatic payments are convenient for handling recurrent expenses like rent, utilities, and credit card payments. You can avoid late fees and potential damage to your credit score by setting up automatic bill payments.  

Stop Payment on a Check

It's possible to cancel a check payment after it's been sent or delivered.  

Mess Up 

If you make a mistake while writing a check, you can erase what you've written and start over. This can occur if the wrong amount is written on the check or if the wrong person's name is recorded.  

Perhaps you intended to give a gift to a newlywed couple, but inadvertently addressed the check to the groom as "Mr." and Mrs Johnson This may cause them some difficulty at the bank when they go to deposit the check if the account they want to use is only at Mrs. The surname Johnson  

Voided Check

Instructions for Creating a Null Check for Electronic Funds Transfer

First, visit your bank or credit union and request a checkbook if you don't already have one.

The second step is to deposit funds using a blank check from the checkbook associated with your checking account or the account into which funds are being deposited.

Thirdly, across the top of the front of the check, clearly write the word "VOID." Over important sections of the check, you can also write "VOID" in smaller letters. To cancel a check, you must write "VOID" in the dollar amount box, across the payee line, and on the signature line. It's acceptable to use either approach.

4. Cover most of the check with the word "VOID," leaving the check numbers at the bottom untouched. Those digits are required for the check to be electronically linked to your bank account.  

Method 5: *Make use of a permanent marker or ink pen (which cannot be erased). Do not use a pencil, as this would allow anyone who finds the check to remove the "VOID" and use it to steal money from your bank account.   

Step 6: Enter the cancelled check into the checkbook's check register. By doing so, when you go to balance your checkbook in the future, you will not forget the reason for the void.  

Check Cancellation Procedure

You made a mistake on a check you wrote. You may no longer require the check, or you may need to make a correction to it after you have written it.  

In any of these cases, the check can be voided and will no longer be valid. An existing check can be destroyed in a secure manner by having it voided.  

Keep the voided check in your checkbook or banking records after following the steps above.  

Reversing a Sent Check: The Proper Procedure

You have a check you need to cancel but already gave it out or mailed it. The check may have been lost in transit, you may have made a mistake on it, or you may have forgotten to withdraw enough funds from your bank account before the recipient tries to deposit the check.  

The best course of action in either of these scenarios is to request a Stop Payment Order. Cancelling a previously issued check requires submitting a Stop Payment Order to your financial institution.  

Cancelling a check after it has been sent is the same as bouncing the check in advance. In the event that you know a check you wrote is going to bounce, you may want to consider canceling it before the recipient attempts to deposit it. However, there will still be fees associated with canceling a check payment.  

For a bank to issue a Stop Payment Order, they will require specifics about the voided check. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you keep a check register in which you record the details of all of your check transactions, including the check number, the amount, and the payee's name.  

You can also request the return of the check if the recipient is a friend or family member. Taking care of financial matters like this amongst yourselves is usually the easiest option, as no one will incur any fees from their bank. A minimum level of courtesy requires notifying the recipient of a cancelled check.  

Mailing an envelope

Where to Obtain a NSF Check

A voided check can be obtained by contacting your bank and requesting that they send you a new checkbook. When you open an account with certain banks and credit unions, you may receive a free book of checks as a welcome gift. Some companies insist that you buy checkbooks from them.  

Where and How to Mail a Null Check

Simply request the correct mailing address from your employer and you will be all set to send a voided check. A void check can sometimes be submitted directly to the office.

Some Useful Resources for Voting Checks from Various Financial Institutions

You can void a check at any financial institution by following the steps outlined above. This includes both banks and credit unions.  

To cancel a check, just write "VOID" in large letters on the front. Contact them whenever you need to cancel a check, and they'll walk you through the steps, no matter what kind of banking system you use.  

QuickBooks: How to Cancel a Check

Follow this link if you use QuickBooks to find out more about voiding a check in QuickBooks.

Finding a Bank of America Voided Check

If you want to know more about how to cancel a check with Bank of America, you can visit their Frequently Asked Questions page. If your bank is Bank of America and you want to set up direct deposit, you don't need to void a check.

Instead of writing out a new check, you can simply download a direct deposit form through their online banking system and treat it as if it were a void check.  

Chase's instructions for obtaining a void check

If you have a Chase checking or savings account, you can set up direct deposit without a void check by simply filling out a form. Your routing number, account number, and check ID number are all that are required to complete the direct deposit form.

Learn why and how to cancel a Wells Fargo check.

Wells Fargo allows you to void checks three different ways: online, over the phone, or in-person. Check this link for their contact information and detailed instructions on how to cancel a check electronically.

Don't Forget to Take Notes

Keep a log of every check you write and every check that is returned unpaid. The checkbook register is the perfect place to record this data.  

Each check comes with a stub, a small slip of paper that serves as a receipt for the funds disbursed.  

When keeping track of voided checks, it's important to note why they were canceled.  

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