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Searching in vain and not finding it Put in your U-related query here. S Providing residents with bank-issued Visa® Secured credit cards This card's issuing bank does not supply, review, or endorse any editorial or user-generated content.

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Mr. Thomas Friedman WalletHub's Credit Card Expert

If you want to make sure that your The Secured Visa® Credit Card from U.S. Bank You can check the status of your application by logging into your US Bank account or by downloading the US Bank mobile app. In addition, you can reach the company's support staff by dialing (800) 947-1444.

To verify your U S Credit Card issued by a financial institution with a security deposit where your application stands:

  • A quick online check of your U S Secured Visa® Credit Card from Your Bank In order to check the status of your application, please sign in to your online account. Your name, date of birth, and Social Security number are required, or you can use your username and password from your online banking account.
  • The US Bank mobile app also allows you to monitor the progression of your application. You can get it from either Apple's App Store or Google Play.
  • You can also call (800) 947-1444 and select option 1 to speak with a customer service representative about your application's status.

Even if you get turned down, there is still a chance. Calling (800) 947-1444 will put you in touch with US Bank where you can request that they look over your application again. In order to further review your application, a credit analyst from US Bank will contact you and conduct an interview.

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Peter Fox Researcher at WalletHub

If you have the $300 necessary for the deposit, you should be able to apply for this card.

Because the deposit acts as your credit line, secured credit cards typically have looser approval requirements.

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Mr. Thomas Friedman Analyst of Credit Cards at WalletHub

After using your US Bank Secured Card for at least 6 months, if your credit score is at least 650 and your payment history is spotless, you may be extended a "graduation offer."

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Joseph Benny Analyst at WalletHub

The letter U is within your reach. S Obtain a cash advance on your secured credit card from virtually any ATM worldwide. Make sure you have a personal identification number (PIN) before entering. Simply dial 800-285-8585 to speak with a representative if you need a PIN.

Having said that, cash advances are a

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You may settle your U S Put money on a credit card you have with a bank online using your checking or savings account as security.

You can also print out an application and send it in with a money order or cashier's check. Cash and personal checks cannot be accepted.

Your initial down payment must be in multiples of $100. Costs range from $300 up to ,000.

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S. Bilkins, Sarah Analyst of Credit Cards at WalletHub

To revoke your Secured Visa® Credit Card from U.S. Bank Contact us at (800) 285-8585 if you need any help. Your deposit, or a portion thereof, will be returned to you as well, depending on the current status of your account balance.  

Note that your credit card's cancellation fee may vary depending on the card's issuing bank.

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Yes, the U S Tightening the noose on Bank Secured. Even if you have a poor credit history, you can still apply.

No one can get U.S. visa pre-approval ahead of time. S Bank Guaranteed

Applicants typically see a drop of 5-10 points in their credit score after a hard pull. Commonly-Reported Results

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Said Hector Molina Researcher at WalletHub

Given that it is a Visa card, the US Bank Secured Card comes with rental car insurance just like any other Visa credit card.  

You should use your card to pay for the rental and skip the rental agency's optional insurance. To put it another way, if that policy

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Formerly known as Frankie Solomon Analyst at WalletHub

If you want your deposit back from your US Bank secured credit card, you'll need to fill out an account closure form, which you can get at ly/2WHcKxB  

Please fill out this form and return it to the address listed below. Next, a Cashier will be assigned to you.

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For a US Bank Secured credit card, the amount of your security deposit serves as your credit limit. For example, if you apply for credit and put down 0, your credit limit will be 0.

Discuss and analyze the U. S Protected Visa® Credit Card from Your Bank

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If I had to guess, I'd say they tattled on you. Been using the card for about five months, and the secured $300 limit has never been exceeded. I received a notification that my former landlord has garnished the card due to a judgement (at this point, I had completely forgotten about the eviction). It's safe to assume US Bank informed my previous landlord that they now had access to some of my funds. Aside from that, it was a decent card. When they closed the account, two points were deducted from my credit score, but that's not too bad so I'm not worried.
Photo of bobbiehannan333
A Trustworthy Client Verification Process
Unsecured credit is incredibly difficult to obtain. I had 650 credit and was denied after making on-time payments for a year. For any sort of safety concerns, I highly recommend that you consult Discover. Some of them even have incentives.
Photo of nirvanaflux
Cash down, 00 As a result, I have a ,000 credit line. Though I'm not crazy about the 0 cap on cash advances, the card is helping me build credit and I'll soon be able to transfer my security hold to a deposit-free card. So far So good
Photo of Dylansimms199
Although, you may make an additional withdrawal the following day.
Photo of cassondraking2
Accredited Purchaser
Totally terrible: the service, the website, and the sign-in process Get out of here! Without my permission, they keep switching my address and sending my mail to my ex-husband, even though the card isn't in his name. Please don't alter my address without my express permission. I tried to log in, but the new system is asking for my zip code, which I don't have. I have no idea where they have chosen to send my mail, so how the hell am I supposed to respond? After 45 minutes of waiting, nobody has answered the phone.
infuriating You Should Look Elsewhere
Photo of aaronw_49
Customer Validation Successfully Completed
To get my credit back on track, I used a US Bank Secured Credit Card, which came with no perks like a higher credit limit or the option to go unsecured.
Photo of _762055
If you don't have any judgments pending against you, this is a good card. They stopped me from paying my debts by freezing my account and withdrawing the entire balance. I lost 0 because I wasn't warned about it in advance. Totally unacceptable.
Photo of anderxale
With no doubt, this card assisted in establishing credit. although, due to the current covid times, they closed my account without warning. Month after month, I call to find out when I can expect my money back, and they always give me a different date. No matter how many times I call, they still haven't delivered it.

I would not recommend this card unless you have a lot of time to wait (75 days and counting) and endure lengthy hold times and phone transfers while requesting a refund.

Photo of jasminebatiste
A Trustworthy Client Verification Process
Stay away from this card After three months of using the card with the full credit limit, they cut me off. I used a bank account from another state to cover the entire purchase price. When I told them I had a bank statement as proof that I was the owner, they insisted it was not closed and demanded to see it. I have not had any activity on my account since July (though they have reported it as "closed due to credit grantors request" to all three credit bureaus), but they have not yet returned my ,000 security deposit. Don't waste your time or money on this card. Discover It Secured Card and the Navy Federal Credit Union Secured Credit Card are the best secured credit cards to use for credit building. Sincerely,

Staying put and waiting for my

Photo of ankush_kumar
Totally terrible card After making a final payment and expressing a desire to close my account, I was informed that the refund process could take up to 60 days. When customers pay off their balances in full, US Bank still keeps their money for that long. If I could choose, I would not play this card. In addition, you can't cancel your account over the phone, via email, or by logging into your account online; instead, you must write a letter or send a fax.
Photo of dienesiap
The car was great because it allowed me to establish credit and they provided me with a credit card, which is something that not all car dealerships do. although I did eventually get a Capital One Secured card. Together with a Discover secured card Capital One unexpectedly doubled my credit limit from $300 to 0 for being a good customer with a good payment history, and they did this without me asking for or requesting an unsecured card or credit increase. I had no idea they had such a thing as a secured credit card. They haven't been with me for a full year yet, but we'll see what happens then. Now that I've had my Discover card for eight months, not only did I get a congrats letter but also my security deposit was returned to me within a week.

After a year with US Bank, I finally got an unsecured credit card from Discover and was overjoyed about it. However, when I called US Bank to inquire about getting an unsecured card, I was told that I would need to apply for a new card. One drawback of this card is the hard credit inquiry required to determine eligibility for the card. When I converted my secured card to an unsecured one after 12 months of on-time payments in full, I was required to reapply and undergo a credit check, despite the fact that my security deposit had already been returned to me. dislike, so if I had to suggest a security card, I'd go with Capital One or Discover instead of you. s Bank, they recognize the worth of customers who responsibly use their credit cards, and they recognize the worth of customers who do not want to have too many hard pulls on their credit reports, and so they reward you in the end for being a great customer. This is especially true of US Bank. not

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