The Finest Texas Banks This April, 2023

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The best Texas banks offer a wide range of products and services, competitive annual percentage yields (APYs), low minimum deposit requirements, and cutting-edge online banking features. The most reputable financial institutions serve their customers well and are easy to reach from anywhere in the state of Texas, from the northern Panhandle to the southern border.

Top Texas Banks with Multiple Locations

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, there are over 390 financial institutions located in the Lone Star State of Texas. which protects money in deposit accounts One dollar out of every Assets totaling $15 trillion, according to the FDIC

Markets in Texas that have received the most deposits include:

  • DFW Airport (Fort Worth, Texas)
  • Metro Area of Houston, The Woodlands, and Sugar Land
  • New Braunfels-San Antonio
  • Houston-Sugar Land-Corpus Christi
  • McAllen-Edinburg-Mission

Some of the largest national banks with a significant presence in Texas are the aforementioned Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, and PNC.

List of Texas Banks by Number of Locations

The Finest Financial Institutions Serving Texans

Your bank should provide you with excellent service and assistance. Listed below are, in J.D. Power's opinion, the top Texas banks in terms of customer service. D According to J.D. Power's Retail Banking Satisfaction Study 2022 Among Texas financial institutions, the average customer satisfaction rating was 666 out of a possible 1,000.

Best Texas Banks, According to Their Customers

Texas Bank Varieties

If you are relocating to Texas and are interested in opening a banking relationship, you have several options. To satisfy your banking needs, you can pick from the following options:

Central Banks of Nations

Texas's national banks are the kind of huge, well-known commercial institutions with physical locations all over the country. They have the most varied selection of banking services available, such as deposit and savings accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment options. Assets at the world's largest banks total several trillion dollars.

Banks That Serve Their Local Areas

Medium-sized regional banks serve a specific geographic area in the United States. S region, or just the states of Texas and Oklahoma The banks typically offer a wide variety of services for both individuals and businesses. The Federal Reserve considers banks with assets between $10 billion and $100 billion to be part of the "regional banking system."

Regional Banks

The vast majority of American banks S localized banks that primarily serve smaller communities Banks typically lend primarily to local residents and businesses because that is where most of their deposits come from. Smaller banks, also known as "community banks," typically have fewer locations and a more limited range of services. According to the Federal Reserve System's criteria, a community bank is one with less than $10 billion in assets.

Banking Online

Texans may choose to bank online with institutions that aren't technically "Texas banks." Without brick-and-mortar locations, they are free to conduct business throughout the United States. S , where services can be accessed from anywhere via computer or mobile device Since online-only banks don't have to pay for the overhead of maintaining physical branches, they can often offer their customers lower interest rates and fewer fees.

Finding the Best Texas Financial Institution

Finding the right bank in Texas isn't simple, as there are hundreds of options. When deciding which bank is right for you, keep the following in mind.

Finances and Operations

Decide first what kind of bank account or accounts you want to open. Learn which financial institutions provide those services, as well as any others you might need in the future.

Checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, and money market accounts are all common types of banking products. Additional services, like those for loans, credit cards, retirement and investment accounts, are typically provided by full-service banks.


There are various fees that banks impose for various services and transactions. In some cases, you can avoid paying a monthly service fee on your account so long as you keep the balance above a certain threshold. Overdrafts, excessive withdrawals, wire transfers, withdrawals from ATMs outside of your bank's network, and late payments are just some of the other fees your financial institution may assess.

Bank fees are a simple way to eat into the return on deposit accounts. Before choosing a bank, it's important to find out if there are any fees involved or if there are simple ways to avoid them.

Rates of Interest

Consumers can make the most of their savings with the help of higher interest rates. Search for the lowest rates by comparing banks. Consider whether interest is accrued on all balances or whether a minimum balance is required to earn a certain rate.

Rates offered by traditional banks are typically around the national average, while those offered by online banks and credit unions tend to be higher.


You want to feel confident that your funds are secure in the bank and easy to withdraw when necessary. Access to your funds may be restricted by your bank. Find a bank that fits your needs in terms of how easily you can access your money and manage it.

A local bank may be more convenient if you prefer personal service, but most financial institutions now give customers the option of handling account details and making withdrawals and transfers remotely or in person.

Helping Out Customers

Sometimes you need the assistance of a bank teller in order to obtain information or withdraw money. Choose a financial institution with personalized service that fits your needs. In-person banking, phone and chat support, and direct messaging via your online account may all be available to you. Some financial institutions now provide virtual assistants that can handle simple account inquiries and routine tasks.

Financial Advice for Texans

The best Texas bank is the one that meets all of your banking needs without breaking the bank account and doesn't charge you outrageous fees. There are financial institutions that offer competitive APYs (annual percentage yields) to savers while charging low or no fees. If you can't find a bank that meets all of your needs, you might want to consider using several.

To make the best decision, consider your own requirements and preferences. What works for some people might not work for you. Invest wisely now, and if things don't work out, you can always switch banks later on.

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