The Ease of Bank of America's Travel Rewards Program

Infinite 1 rewards are available to cardholders. All purchases earn 5 points for every $1 spent. As long as the account remains active, you will continue to accrue rewards, though there are time constraints on how you can redeem them (more on that below). All restaurant and travel expenses can be paid for with accumulated points. With a lack of fees associated with transactions made in a $0 fee per year, this card is perfect for those who travel frequently

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Please take note that this card is not to be confused with the similarly named Student Rewards Credit Card from Bank of America® If you want more details on that specific card, you can find them here: read the rest of our evaluation

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A credit card from Bank of America® that offers travel rewards : Basics

Welcome present: With just $1,000 in purchases made in the first three months after opening an account, you can earn 25,000 bonus points, which can be redeemed for a $250 statement credit toward travel purchases.

  • Spending $1 = 1.5 Points

  • Bank of America® Travel Center members earn 3 points for every dollar spent on qualifying trips.

When redeemed for travel or dining, one point is equivalent to one cent, while when converted to cash, one point is worth slightly more than half a cent. Gift cards of varying point values are also available for redemption. 2,500 points are required for a cash or travel redemption.

Rate of interest: With this card, you can enjoy a 0% intro APR on purchases for 18 billing cycles and a 0% intro APR on balance transfers for 18 billing cycles on any balance transfers made within the first 60 days. 24%-28 Annual Percentage Rate Variability of 24% (A promotional 0% APR period on a travel credit card is unusual. )

Money exchange rates: None

Significant advantages of A credit card from Bank of America® that offers travel rewards

Variable Compensation

The Credit Card from Bank of America® that Offers Travel Rewards has no ties to a specific hotel chain or airline No blackout dates or other restrictions apply when making a reservation; you can use your points to pay for the trip in full. For example, Bank of America® has one of the most inclusive definitions of "travel" among major issuers. Travel expenses like flights, hotels, cruises, and rentals can all be paid for with points, but so can a wide variety of other experiences, such as those at theme parks, museums, aquariums, zoos, and even campgrounds. Additionally, points can be used to offset future restaurant bills.

The points themselves do not expire, but the opportunities to use them on trips and meals do. With the points you've earned, you can get a statement credit for any travel or dining expenses incurred within the past 12 months. However, only the most recent 2,500 in eligible travel and dining expenses can be redeemed.

Advantages for tourists

The Visa is a worldwide payment system. The Bank of America® Visa® Credit Card - Travel Rewards Easily transported to distant locations Since Visa is so widely accepted around the world, you won't have as much trouble using it in other countries. Foreign transaction fees, which can add an extra 1%-3% to your total, are also not an issue.

Possibilities for more gain

The rewards potential of the card is greater than that of most flat-rate cards. The Bank of America® Visa® Credit Card offers valuable travel rewards. If you use your card at the Bank of America® Travel Center, you'll earn double the normal amount of rewards points per dollar spent. The Bank of America® Preferred Rewards program provides its members with higher rewards rates, as will be shown below.

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Financial gains from using Preferred Rewards are substantial.

The Favored Benefits Those who have a credit card issued by Bank of America® can participate in a rewards program that provides additional benefits. You can get a bonus of 25% or more if you have a large enough balance in all of your Merrill accounts. You'll fall into one of three categories based on the total value of your financial assets:

Bank of America® Travel Center: 1 point per $1 spent

None (nothing with a balance or total of less than $20,000)

Gold (total balances between $20,000 and $49,000)

Platinum (total balance between fifty thousand and ninety nine thousand nine hundred nine)

Honours of the Platinum Level (total sums of $100,000 or more)

Let's pretend you used your credit card for a year and spent $10,000. 15,000 points is equivalent to $150 at a penny per point value. With the bonus, a Preferred Rewards Gold member's total earnings would be $187 rather than the usual 15,000 points. 50) In the Platinum tier, you'd get 22,500 points ($225) if you were eligible. The cost of Platinum Awards is $26,250. 50)

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The Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card Implications for Negative Outcomes

The The Bank of America® Visa® Credit Card - Travel Rewards is a great $0 -fee travel partner, but another card might be preferable depending on your spending habits and preferred redemption methods.

High-yielding rewards rates are available from other cards.

Greater returns are expected for larger purchases. Credit Card with Capital One Venture Rewards in which most purchases net you 2 miles for every dollar spent Like the Use Your Bank of America® Credit Card to Earn Travel Rewards at a rate of 1 cent per mile, you can trade in your rewards for money off of your next trip.

A yearly subscription to Credit Card with Reward Points from Capital One Venture is If you spend more than $4,750 a year, the benefits will outweigh the cost of the card. For annual spending in excess of $19,000, the rewards begin to outweigh those offered by the Bank of America® card, even after the annual fee is factored in. The fee is lessened even further by the Financial Services Credit Card with Venture Rewards from Capital One covers the cost of applying for TSA Precheck or Global Entry and provides a much larger signup bonus: Once you spend $4,000 on purchases within the first three months of opening your account, you will receive 75,000 bonus miles, equal to 0 in travel.

The value you get when exchanging for cash is reduced.

The Check out Miles for Yourself ® shares a lot of characteristics with the Credit Card from Bank of America® with Reward Points for Travel an infinite 1 5.25 cents per mile, a $0 No foreign transaction fees and an annual fee However, a crucial distinction is that the Find out Miles ® offers the same point value for both travel and cash back purchases The Credit card from Bank of America® that offers travel rewards offers better bonus rewards and is more widely accepted than this Visa card in foreign countries, but the To Find it® Miles if you're looking for a better return on your money

Extending the range of your trip with first-class extras

The The American Express® Card from PenFed® that Offers the Pathfinder® Rewards Program Contains High-End Features Without The High Price Tag For every dollar spent on travel and dining, cardholders earn 3 points (4 points for PenFed Honors Advantage members) and 1 point (1 point for non-members). Every dollar spent outside of the and iTunes gift card categories earns five points In addition to the rewards, cardholders can receive a $100 annual air travel credit and a statement credit of up to $100 every five years when they enroll in the Global Entry or TSA PreCheck programs.

Although there is a annual fee for this card, the fee is not charged to those who have a good credit history. Penn Federal Recognizes Benefits members In the event that you are unable to join PenFed Honors Advantage but are able to use the full $100 annual air travel credit, you will be refunded the annual fee. This card is only available to credit union members.

For a comprehensive comparison of these and other travel credit card options, check out NerdWallet's high-quality credit card options

Is the Credit Card from Bank of America® that Offers Travel Rewards suiting your needs perfectly

The Credit Card from Bank of America® that Offers Travel Rewards features a reliable travel rewards program for those who would rather not pay for the privilege In addition to the benefits you already receive from having your money in Bank of America®, you'll get even more for keeping it there.

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