Review of the OnePlus Power Bank: Stylish and Practical

Recently, Chinese tech company OnePlus released its own 10,000mAh power bank, joining the growing market for portable chargers.

OnePlus Power Bank review: Beautiful and very useful

Power banks, or portable chargers, are essential in the modern world. There's no telling when your smartphone's battery life will end, whether you're using an Android or an iPhone. Because you probably won't have access to a power outlet or charging cable at all times, portable battery packs are a must-have.

The Chinese tech firm OnePlus has released a 10,000mAh portable charger, making it one of many companies to do so. Do we have another winner on our hands from OnePlus, or did their One smartphone really set the bar high? We investigate to learn

Superiority in construction and design

You'll feel right at home with their power bank if you're familiar with the OnePlus One's aesthetic. If you were a fan of the OnePlus One's aesthetic, you'll probably enjoy this portable charger as well.

It's undeniably beautiful; there's no denying it.

The review unit we received in sandstone black looks just as sophisticated and high-end as the One model. The form factor is unlike any other portable charger on the market, looking more like a modern smartphone. We can confidently say that the OnePlus power bank is the most aesthetically pleasing portable charger available today.

However, you should know that this one is completely metal-free. In spite of its polycarbonate construction, this device looks and feels like a high-end option thanks to its sandstone finish (matte texture). Metallic as they may be, comparable products from Asus and Xiaomi pale in comparison.

The silver bezels are a nice touch that elevate the device's design and help alleviate some of the monotony.

The OnePlus power bank is 142 mm in height, which is significantly lower than the height of competitors. 8x72 6x16 2 mm On paper, the OnePlus power is heavier (220 grams) than the Asus Zenpower (215 grams), but its 10,050mAh battery is significantly larger. In spite of this, the One Plus portable charger weighs less,

When compared to Xiaomi's Mi power bank 10,400mAh (250 grams), the One Plus is noticeably more lightweight.

There are two standard USB ports and one microUSB port. Battery life is indicated by four side-mounted LEDs. No controls exist. The beauty of it lies in the fact that it is both straightforward and refined.


You might be wondering if the good looks are matched by good functionality. The simple answer is "yes," but there are a few caveats that you'll learn about below.

Due to the lack of buttons, charging is automatic, which is convenient but also standard fare for portable power banks. However, we appreciated the fact that the battery life indicator LEDs came on instantly upon a light shake of the device.

The OnePlus power bank's 10,000mAh battery takes about 6.5 hours to fully charge, which is not bad at all. Charge times can be reduced by using a charger that can provide 2V or more of current.

The next logical step after turning on the power bank is to charge an item. There are two USB ports on the OnePlus power bank, allowing you to simultaneously charge two devices.

The included micro-USB cable should be compatible with most Android and Windows mobile devices. Having your own Lightning cable is required for use with an iPhone.

There are two 10W outputs and a 10W input on this device. If you only have one device to charge, the device will provide a full 10W of power, but if you're trying to charge two at once, the total power available will be halved to 5W.

It is instantaneous and fully automatic when charging. Company claims that once your phone or tablet is fully charged, the "intelligent stop switch" will cut power to the device to prevent damage from an overload. However, the stop switch isn't always reliable, as we've noticed a sluggish mechanism here and there.

When it came to charging, we were satisfied with the OnePlus portable battery's performance. Our electronic devices were charged rather rapidly. In fact, it was able to charge the OnePlus One more quickly than the original charger.

However, we discovered that similar power banks, like the Mi power bank, were slightly faster at charging than the OnePlus power bank. In a comparison between the Mi and OnePlus power banks, the Mi power bank was found to be faster at charging a standard device.

The company claims that its power bank can fully recharge a OnePlus One device (3100mAh) three times before it runs out of juice. However, when put to use, we found some slightly different results. After two full charges, the One Plus One was only about halfway there, but a third charge meant it was ready to go.

Keep in mind that the OnePlus power bank and a connected smartphone or tablet cannot be charged simultaneously. To charge your device and the OnePlus power bank, you'll need to use two different cables. As an alternative, this technology is supported by the Mi portable charger.

In case you buy it

The OnePlus portable charger is a work of art. It's modern and alluring. It's just as potent, though it does have some drawbacks.

It's a power bank, so it's expected to do everything expected of it; however, it's not the best on the market. However, Xioami's Mi power bank appears to be superior in terms of charging time and pace, and its passthrough charging makes it a better value for money product than its competitor.

The OnePlus power bank will satisfy your aesthetic needs, while the Mi power bank appears to be the better value if you're looking for a fast-charging portable charger.

Moreover, there is the issue of cost. OnePlus' portable charger can be purchased for Rs. 1.390,000, while the Mi portable charger costs only Rs. 999

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May 26, 2015

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