Revamp Your Business with Bremer Bank's Mobile App

I. Introduction

- Bremer Bank Business Mobile app available to all business online banking customers

- Features include checking balances, making transfers, making deposits, and finding locations

- Available on mobile devices

II. Features

- Accounts: Checking latest balance and searching recent transactions

- Transfers: Easily transfer cash between accounts

- Remote Deposit Capture: Deposit checks while on the go

- Locations: Find nearby branches and ATMs using the device's built-in GPS or by searching by zip code or address

III. Updates

- Version contains bug fixes and performance improvements

IV. Customer Reviews

- Positive reviews from customers who find the app easy to use and helpful for their business banking needs

- Negative reviews from customers who have had issues with constant password changes, difficulty with mobile deposit feature, and frustration due to branch closures

I. Update Release

A. Released update on 4/26/18

B. Aimed at improving performance on iPhone 6

C. Feedback encouraged after update is run

II. Developer’s Privacy Practices

A. Handing of data disclosure

B. Collection of data and its linkage or unlinkage to user identity

1. Listed data that may be linked to identity

a. Location

b. Identifiers

c. Diagnostics

2. Listed data that is not linked to identity

a. Financial Info

b. Contact Info

c. Contacts

d. User Content

e. Usage Data

f. Diagnostics

g. Other Data

C. Privacy practices variance based on features used or user age

III. Support & Policy Links


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              2023: Connect Your Bank Account with PayPal

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              Albuquerque Bank: 5915 NE Wyoming Blvd.
              Albuquerque Bank: 5915 NE Wyoming Blvd.

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