Register for Zelle® and speed up your money transfers.

Zelle® is our person-to-person payment feature, and it's available in the Chase Mobile app and on It's a quick and simple way to send and receive money from customers at other member financial institutions.

You can find it on and the Chase mobile app.

Our peer-to-peer money transfer tool is called Zelle®. Sending and receiving funds from customers of other member banks, such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and U.S. S Bank has a full list of supported financial institutions.

Chase QuickPay® with Zelle® was the previous name for Zelle®. Other than the name, all of the features and benefits remain the same. Because it's simpler to say

It's never been simpler to reimburse a pal for dinner, even if they don't use Chase.

No, you can't use Zelle® unless you have a checking account with Chase. We're not Chase customers. Find out more about checking accounts from Chase.

Here's how to get started with Zelle® if you have a Chase checking account:

  1. Followers must register with chase. Just log in to com with your user name and password
  2. Pick Zelle® when prompted to "Pay."
  3. Please take a moment to review our Service Agreement and Privacy Notice before continuing.
  4. The only way to confirm your email and/or phone number is with a one-time code that we'll send you.
  5. Pick the bank account that best suits your needs. Get started today using Zelle® to make and accept payments.

Chase customers who have checking accounts but no chase mobile banking page:

  1. Seek to elude Sign up for com and create a profile right away.
  2. To begin using Zelle®, set it up as described above.

The use of Zelle® for financial transactions is free of charge for Chase customers. Zelle® can only be used with a Chase checking account. Fees may apply; please review your account agreement for details. Rates may apply for text messages and data transfers from your mobile service provider.

When you plan to make a payment:

  • If the recipient is also a Chase customer, the funds will be available to them as soon as possible (typically within minutes) but no later than the next business day.
  • The money you send could be available to the recipient within minutes if their bank is a Zelle® member and participates in real-time payments. The money should be available in 1–2 business days if the recipient’s bank doesn’t support real-time payments.
  • However, if the recipient's bank is not a Zelle® participant, the funds may take up to two business days to become available, depending on the other bank's processing time.
  • You can send money to anyone who has the Zelle® app, and they'll receive it almost instantly.

When you can expect to receive payments:

  • The money will typically be available a few minutes after it is sent if the sender is also a Chase customer, but never later than the next business day.
  • Real-time payments can occur within minutes of sending if the sending bank is a Zelle® member and offers this service. If the receiving bank does not offer real-time payments, then the funds will be transferred to you within one to three business days.
  • You can expect to receive the funds in four to five business days if the sender's bank is not a Zelle® member. We typically receive the funds from the sender's bank within one to two business days. We put a hold on the funds until we can verify that the receiving bank hasn't rejected the transfer.
  • Quickly receive payments from anyone using the Zelle® app.

The sum of money you can get is unlimited.

The maximum transfer amount is restricted by the type of account used:

  • A maximum of $2,000 per day and $16,000 per calendar month can be transferred from a personal Chase checking account.
  • If you have a Chase Private Client or Private Banking account, you can send up to ,000 in a single transaction, ,000 per day, and $40,000 per month.
  • Chase business checking accounts have daily, monthly, and individual transfer limits of ,000, ,000, and $40,000.

Remember that these are total account limits for transferring funds, and they may change.

Chase account transfers are subject to the limits established by participating Zelle® member banks and out-of-network banks.

When using Zelle®, neither you nor the recipient will be able to see the other party's bank account number. For your own safety and to avoid falling victim to fraud, only send money to people you are familiar with and trust. When you use Zelle® to pay for something, we won't be responsible for any damages or refunds that might occur.

Simply import your phonebook contacts to facilitate easier money transfers from friends and family.

Go to your bank or credit card account's transaction history in the app, then swipe left on a charge until the "Split" button appears, and tap it. When you tap this, Zelle® will take you to the Request and Split money flow, where you can designate which of your contacts will be responsible for what portion of the bill.

If you have a checking account that is eligible for Zelle® and you haven't already signed up, you will be prompted to do so when you split a charge with another person.

Swiping left should reveal the "Split" button, but if it doesn't, you may not have any eligible checking accounts or have hidden them.

Customers who do not have a Chase account can use or their own bank's P2P payment service to send and receive money online. The Zelle® app allows users who are not Chase customers to send and receive money instantly.

Zelle® is a P2P (person-to-person) payment service that enables you to send and receive funds with anyone who has a U. S You can link your bank account to your email address or mobile number.

You can use Chase Online Bill Pay to pay your rent or mortgage, utilities, credit card bills, and car payment automatically each month.

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