With NB|AZ's Mobile Banking app1, you can: • Manage your finances with a straightforward interface • Make transfers and payments in a flash • Pay single or recurring bills • Pay from anywhere in the world

The NB|AZ Mobile Banking app1 makes it simple to manage your money wherever you go. Pay one or many people at once, make instant transfers and payments, and send and receive money with Zelle®2 to people you know and trust (Personal) all from the convenience of your mobile device. You can also deposit checks with Mobile Deposit*4 and submit wire transfers3. Bill Pay (Personal):• Pay eBills• Make quick payments• Create one-time and recurring paymentsBill Pay (Business)4:• Make payments quickly to existing payees• Create one-time and recurring payments• Dispute transactions and place stop payments• Export transactions to PDF• Locate NB|AZ branches and ATMsBill Pay (Business)4:• Pay eBills• Make quick payments• Create one-time and recurring paymentsBill Pay (Per prearranged ACH Deposits (Business)3 Number Four: • Send, Refine or cancel single or recurring payments• Add or edit ACH payees• Review payment historyUser Management (Business)5: • Add or edit users/entitlements • Reset passwords and moreDual Authorization (Business)6: • Submit approvals before cutoffAdvanced Security Features: • Enable biometric authentication on supported devices • Get added layers of protection with multi-factor authentication • View transaction history Use the app to:• Set up and manage security alerts• Send and receive encrypted messages In order to use NB|AZ's mobile banking app, you must meet all of the following requirements: • Have a deposit, loan, line of credit, or credit card account with NB|AZ • Have a compatible mobile device and U.S. S phone number• Have access to wireless internet (either through a home router or a cellular data plan)** Send an email to [email protected] com Please note that messages and data rates may apply. For further information, contact your service provider. To use Mobile Banking, 1 you must first enroll in Digital Banking. Your wireless service provider may charge you a fee. To learn about any additional costs, check the relevant Rate and Fee Schedule (Schedule of Fees or Service Charge Information). In accordance with the terms of the Digital Banking Service Agreement All trademarks are the property of their respective owners, and National Bank of Arizona does not sponsor or endorse any of the products or services advertised. 2 U S Zelle® can only be used with a bank account (checking or savings). Within minutes, enrolled users can complete a transaction. For more information, please review the Zelle® Payment Service Agreement. Your wireless provider's usual rates for texting and data use may apply. Services may be added or removed without prior notice. To send money to people you know and trust, like family and friends, use Zelle®. Do not use Zelle® to send money to people you do not know unless absolutely necessary. Bank of America nor Zions Bancorporation, N A neither Zelle® nor any merchant participating in the Zelle® Purchasing Protection Program guarantee the validity of any Zelle® Purchasing Protection Program-authorized purchase. Requests for payment or partial payments to a U.S. S in order to use Zelle® with a mobile number, the number must be enrolled in Zelle® Early Warning Services, LLC owns all rights, title, and interest in and to the Zelle name and logo. which are used here with permission. Enrollment in both Wire Transfers and ACH Direct Deposit is necessary for the third transfer type. Prices for each service are listed in the applicable Fee Schedule (Personal or Business). For commercial users, 4 functionality depends on their Entitlements. The business profile only allows Customer System Administrators (CSAs) to manage users and access certain administrative features. There may be additional requirements, such as the company's participation in Dual Authorization for specific transactions. For further information, please review the Digital Banking Service Agreement.

Currently, businesses enrolled in Dual Authorization have to get 6 approvals before certain transactions can be made (one initiator and one approver).

Dec 9, 2022

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We appreciate the time customers have taken to offer suggestions. We're still tweaking things, removing hiccups and making the overall experience better.

My IPhone 8's Finger Print Log in isn't working after I just downloaded the app.
Compatible with my other phone accounts. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I've had Customer Support walk me through the installation process, it still hasn't worked.

For your comments, I am grateful. We'd like to work with you to resolve the issues preventing Touch ID from functioning. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] Please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

I've been a client for quite some time. Usually, customer-facing apps get easier to use, so nobody saw this coming. Most transactions are listed by merchant number rather than business name, which leads you on a long path of prompts to determine the transaction and reconcile your account. You'll need to memorize the merchant numbers to know where to go next because the app starts from scratch every time you return to the main page. In another novel feature, the NB/AZ app now logs you out whenever you access your credit card transactions, requiring you to re-enter your credentials (fingerprint or password) before you can return. This is the worst app ever made in an era where instantaneous access to one's finances is essential. The financial institution claims this measure is in place for the safety of its clients; a potential thief would likely give up after a few failed attempts.

We appreciate your comments and regret that you are having trouble with our app. We'd be happy to work with you to investigate the problems and find solutions. To provide feedback on our app, please email us at [email protected] com, and we'll be in touch. Expect a response from us soon.

When attempting to make a change or correction, the provided instructions often prove impossible to implement.
In one of our accounts, for instance, I needed to update my profile's email address. The directive is to change your settings in your online banking. I couldn't find an option to switch to online banking within the mobile app, so I went to the website instead. However, once I got there, I couldn't find a "preferences" menu or a way to sign in. My personal experience with the app has been that it is not user-friendly and provides only limited options for managing your information (such as updating your contact details or closing your account). Very little useful information, such as current balance, is provided by the account view of transactions.

Author of the project, ZB, N A , suggested that the app's privacy practices may involve the following methods of data handling. Please refer to the developer's privacy policy for further details.

The following information about you may be gathered and used to determine your identity:

  • Information Regarding Finances
  • Location
  • Inquiry Data
  • Created by Users
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Different age groups or user types may be subject to different privacy policies. Learn More

  • Internet site of the programmer
  • Appropriate App Help
  • Security Statement
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