How to fund your Venmo account in DETAIL [year 2022].

As a quick recap, Venmo is PayPal's mobile payment service. With Venmo, you can load your account with money in a number of different ways. Payment options comprise things like wire transfers, direct deposits, checks, credit cards, and debit cards.

In a Nutshell: Aside from having money sent to you by other Venmo users, the only way to add funds to your Venmo balance is to sign up for a Venmo debit card, link it to your bank account, and then use the card to transfer funds into your Venmo account. While debit/credit cards and bank accounts can be used to pay with Venmo, they cannot be used to add funds to your Venmo balance.

You can use your smartphone and Venmo to send and receive money, as well as make purchases and payments. You must fund your Venmo account or link it to a payment method before you can use it. Read on for information about funding your Venmo account if you're confused about the process.  

Overview of Adding Funds to Venmo

Where do I find Venmo

Venmo is PayPal's mobile payment service. Venmo is a mobile app that facilitates monetary transactions between users. Venmo also functions as a payment processing system for businesses.

Adding Funds to Your Venmo Account

The money in your Venmo account can be deposited in a number of different ways. The following are some of them:

  • Cash in the bank
  • Bank transfer
  • Depositing a Check
  • Payment by credit card
  • Debit card

The following is an explanation of the various Venmo account funding options.  

Transfer Funds to Your Venmo Account

Venmo allows you to add funds from your regular bank account straight to your Venmo balance. Find below details on how to fund your Venmo account directly from your bank account.

To top off their Venmo accounts, users can only do so with a Venmo debit card issued by Mastercard. This necessitates first obtaining a Venmo debit card through the application process.

  1. The Venmo app must be opened.
  2. Check out the Cards section.
  3. To begin using Venmo with your debit card, click the Get Started button.

As soon as you receive your Venmo debit card, you can link it to your bank account by following these steps:

  1. Just click the tab labeled "You."
  2. Select Payment Methods from the Settings menu.
  3. To add a bank or card, select the appropriate button.
  4. Choose a Bank
  5. If you need to verify something, you can pick your method of choice.

To initiate the transfer from your bank account, you must first verify your bank account details.

  1. Just click the tab labeled "You."
  2. Select either "Add" or "Transfer" at the very top of your feed of recent financial activity.
  3. Just type in the amount you wish to send and hit the "Done" button.
  4. Tap Next once you've decided which of your linked accounts to use for the transfer.
  5. Verify the summary information and the expected arrival time.
  6. If everything is satisfactory, click the Add Money button.

Remember that once you've initiated a bank transfer to your Venmo account, you can't reverse it. When you choose to add funds, there is no way to undo or cancel the transaction.

Your bank to Venmo money transfer should reflect in your Venmo account balance within 3–5 business days.  

The transaction will not begin until the following business day if it is started on a weekend or holiday.

Below are some alternatives to using a debit card with Venmo that you can try if you are having trouble getting one.

Put Cash into Your Venmo Account With a Debit or Credit Card

Venmo only accepts direct deposits from linked bank accounts.

Even if your Venmo account is empty, you can still send money to other users. A connected payment method is required for this.  

If the amount of the payment or transfer is more than the amount in your Venmo balance, the difference will be taken from the payment method you linked to your account.

You can send money with Venmo even if you don't have any money in your account. All you need is a reliable means of payment that can be confirmed. A bank-issued credit or debit card is one option for making a purchase.  

To link your credit or debit card to your Venmo account, please proceed as follows.

  1. Release your Venmo app
  2. Just click the tab labeled "You."
  3. The Payment Methods option can be found under Settings.
  4. Select the option to Add a Bank or Card.
  5. To Choose a Card, Please:
  6. Please enter your credit card details below.

In a nutshell, you can use the camera on your phone to enter your credit card or debit card details. If you'd rather not use the scanner, you can enter the card number and other information manually.

Once you've linked your card, using Venmo to send money or make purchases is as simple as selecting your card as the payment option.  

A 3% fee will be added to all credit card purchases unless they are made at one of the approved stores.

Put Cash Into Your Venmo Account

Direct deposits from linked bank accounts are the only way to top off your Venmo balance at any time. Nonetheless, you can only do so if you have applied for and been issued a Venmo debit card.

Bank Transfer for Venmo

In addition, you can have your paychecks automatically deposited into your Venmo account. Please refer to the steps below to initiate direct deposit:

  1. Release your Venmo app
  2. To view the "You" section, click here.
  3. Select Direct Deposit from the Preferences menu.
  4. A valid account number will be displayed when you select to do so.
  5. Please record the routing number and account number.
  6. Fill out your employer's direct deposit form using these details.

If you are asked for your bank's name and address, you can find Venmo's partner bank information on the help page of the Venmo website. venmo com

Employers are responsible for initiating payments into your Venmo account once you have submitted your direct deposit information. Changing your direct deposit information may take up to two pay periods to take effect.  

Paychecks will automatically be added to your Venmo account once direct deposit has been set up.

Alternate Methods of Adding Money to Your Venmo

There are a few other ways to add money to your Venmo account if the aforementioned methods don't work for you.

  • Simply by asking a friend, you can set up a system whereby you receive cash and have it deposited into your Venmo account. Your Venmo account will be credited instantly. This strategy should only be used with people you have complete faith in. This type of con is very simple to pull off.
  • With the reload feature of your Venmo debit card, you can withdraw funds from your linked bank account to cover purchases that exceed your Venmo balance.
  • Only customers with a Venmo debit card or who have set up direct deposit can use the cash a check service. Here's how you can use Venmo to cash a check:
  • The "You" tab should be selected.
  • Make use of the menu item Balance Management
  • Choose a Check to Cash
  • You'll need to enter the amount and snap photos of the cheque's front and back before continuing.
  • You can decide how quickly you want your money (at the expense of higher fees).
  • Please be patient while we process your request. As much as a year may pass, 5 hours, but usually much less than that
  • In the event that your petition is granted, you will be instructed to cross out the cheque number and write VOID on it. Do not act before being instructed to do so.
  • There will be a requirement for photographing the cancelled check.
  • A page summarizing your cheque cashing transaction will be displayed.
  • Depending on your preference, you can access the money in 10 days or within a few minutes.

To use Venmo for the vast majority of transactions, no money needs to be added to your balance. Even if your Venmo balance is too low to cover a purchase or a transfer, you can still use linked payment methods to send and receive funds through Venmo.  

When making a purchase, you can always see which payment option you're using by looking at the bottom of the screen.

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Final Reflections

To fund your Venmo account, you can choose from a few different options. To top off your Venmo account, you can either transfer funds from your bank account or set up a direct deposit of your paycheck. Even if you don't have funds in your Venmo account, you can still use the app to send and receive payments with a linked credit card, bank account, or debit card. Money transferred from a bank to your Venmo account will appear there within three to five business days. When using connected payment methods, there is no lag time between sending and paying.

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