Guide to Changing Your Bank Statement [Online and Offline]

Most people rely heavily on their monthly bank statements because they contain a wealth of information about their financial lives. However, these are typically irreversible, and end-users are unable to make subsequent updates to the data. But what if there's a problem with the calculations or someone accidentally adds the wrong information to the document and the numbers don't add up?

Bank statements often contain errors that only become apparent later; thankfully, software solutions exist to fix these. Also very useful is a bank statement generator. Here, you'll learn about the 5 best software and online options, their features, and how to choose and implement the one that's right for you. Read on

Method 1 A PDF Editor by EaseUS

EaseUS PDF Editor is highly recommended as one of the best document editors. Using this program, you can easily modify the layout and formatting of PDF files and other digital documents like Word documents. Image, text, and link components are all easily editable.

PDFs can have their page sizes adjusted, their order changed, their rotation altered, elements deleted or added, or text extracted with a few clicks. Additionally, scanned documents can be edited with minimal effort thanks to the OCR support. Get this useful resource by clicking here.

Free DownloadWindows 11/10/8/7The phrase "Free DownloadWindows 11/10/8/7"

Excellent Characteristics:

  • In this article, you can learn about optical character recognition software for modifying and analyzing PDF documents.
  • E-sign the document with your own unique signatures.
  • This program allows you to insert links into PDF documents.
  • Annotate and comment on the papers.
  • Change the text's font and make other text-based adjustments

Instructions for EaseUS PDF Editor are as follows:

Step 1 Upon launching the software, you'll be prompted to pick an editable file. To access the file, find its location and click the "open" button.

Step 2 Edit is located in the toolbar. It activates a set of tools in the Edit Content column for modifying your text.

Format lets you change things like font, size, and color. When you're ready to add text, select it and place the cursor where you'd like it to appear in the PDF field, then select Add Text. Then, compose the information that will be entered into the PDF form blank.

Step 3 Put your signature here Use the menu items Sign > Sign & Certificates > Sign a Document to put your signature on it. To sign a PDF, you'll be prompted to draw a rectangle by clicking and dragging within the document's field.

Step 4 Mark your spot by clicking and dragging a rectangle to the location you want to sign in. Alternatively, if the PDF form is interactive, you can simply click the tent. Then, it provides the standard fare for legal signatures, such as your name, email, location, and the nature of the document you're signing.

Step 5 Done To a PDF file. Select the folder you want to save to under "Save as" after clicking File.

Method 2 Adobe Acrobat Professional

In the realm of document editing, Adobe Acrobat Pro is among the best of the best. A variety of electronic documents can be imported into the program and edited, with text, electronic signatures, and other features. After signing up with your Apple ID or email address, you can immediately begin using the software for high-quality PDF editing.

Highest Quality:

  • Supplement PDF with Signature Block
  • PDFs have the ability to be converted and edited by users.
  • With this synchronized account, you can use the software on multiple devices.
  • One can either save the final product locally or upload it to the cloud.
  • Edit digital copies by optical character recognition (OCR)

Step-by-step Instructions for Adobe Programs:

Step 1 It is recommended that you access your bank statement via Adobe Acrobat Pro, which you can download and launch here.

Step 2 Use the right panel's "Edit PDF" button to make changes.

Step 3 Use the window's editing tools to make various changes.

Step 4 Name the file and click "Save."

Method 3 PDFescape

If you need a way to modify PDF bank statement files, PDFescape is a great choice. Both a web-based and downloadable version of this editor are available, and both make light work of editing PDF files.

Any user, from any location, can use this platform to add text to PDFs. Then, after a few easy clicks, you can publish the finished product online or save it to your computer for later use.

Outstanding Characteristics:

  • The ability to insert new text and modify existing text and images in documents
  • PDF page numbers can be inserted.
  • It is possible to annotate PDFs.
  • Build, revise, and distribute PDF files online.
  • Include forms and let others complete them.

This is how you use PDFescape:

Step 1 Simply upload the bank statement file to the PDFescape online tool.

Step 2 Select "Text" from the "Insert" menu.

Step 3 Copy and paste your icon into any blank space in the file. Select it with a click and begin typing to create new text.

Step 4 To make a change to the text, place the cursor over the text you wish to edit and keep it there until a four-sided arrow appears. Text editing is as simple as tapping the button.

Step 5 Put the mouse pointer over some text. Next, select the text you want to get rid of by clicking on it, and then pressing the "Delete" key.

Step 6 Select the text you want to remove and click the "Recycle Bin" button. Follow that by grabbing the file for later.

Method 4 Sejda

Sejda is useful for high-quality PDF editing and conversion work, and it has straightforward, useful features. Fillable forms can be made for your document, and the text in bank statements can be edited to reflect new dates, new transactions, or other changes.

The software is designed with both types of professionals in mind, and comes complete with helpful customer service.

Highest Quality:

  • Transform the file format in any way you like, perhaps by turning the pages.
  • Make your own forms online with the help of the system.
  • You can now modify the imported PDF's vocabulary and images.
  • A PDF filler and signature generator
  • You can undo any changes you make and start over with no problems.

Instructions on how to use Sejda are as follows:

Step 1 Start up the Sejda Online PDF Editor.

Step 2 Simply upload the document and select the "Text tool" to begin editing.

Step 3 Integrate text at various points in the document and modify the text as needed. You can upload your own images and then move, rotate, and resize them as needed.

Step 4 Just click the appropriate button to upload a PDF form, an image, a replacement work, or a URL.

Step 5 Then, after making your edits, click the "Apply Changes" > "Download"

Method 5 pdfFiller

As a straightforward editor for mending financial documents like bank statements, it's a sensible option. You can insert text into the file itself, or you can use text boxes. Use the PDF Toolbar to get to the platform's document editing tools quickly.

Input text directly into PDF files, find and replace text within documents, and correct spelling and grammar mistakes with the built-in spell checker.

Top-Rated Attributes:

  • PdfFiller allows you to insert text boxes into PDF files.
  • Easily edit PDFs by inserting or removing text from anywhere.
  • Make sure the files have dates and checks in them.
  • Easy to cut and paste information from other sources.
  • When making changes to a PDF, you have the option of using both redo and undo.

This instrument's usage instructions are as follows:

Step 1 Visit pdfFiller's main page and sign up for an account. Finally, sign in to it.

Step 2 Select "MyBox" from the menu bar's left side. This is where you will find a complete index of all the relevant paperwork.

Step 3 Upload the bank statement from your device or cloud storage by tapping "Add New."

Step 4 The form will open in a new tab. Modify the sample, incorporate signatures, and fill in the text boxes.

Step 5 Alter the document in other ways by adding or replacing content, annotating it, commenting on it, etc. Page the document differently, and include a date field and signature area.

Step 6 When you're finished, you can tap the "Done" button to save the file to your computer or share it.


With this newfound knowledge of the best editors for bank statements, you can choose the one that best meets your requirements and editing needs. It's hard to find a PDF editor that can match the quality, ease of use, and variety of file formats offered by EaseUS PDF Editor.

It also has an optical character recognition editor (OCR) that lets you edit text and data from scanned images. Put each option through its paces before making a final call.

Free DownloadWindows 11/10/8/7Download Windows 8.1, 8, 7, and 10 for Free

Modifying a Bank Statement: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are still some questions that need answering about modifying bank statements. If you have a similar inquiry, you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Can a name be changed on a bank statement? 1.

Digital bank statements can be edited to correct errors such as misspelled names or incorrect balances with the help of document editing software like EaseUS PDF Editor.

The second question is: "How do you obscure a bank statement?"

If you have a paper bank statement, you can obscure personal information by physically shading it with black markers. If by "copy" you mean digital, the top-tier editors all have blurring tools at your disposal.

Thirdly, can anything be hidden from a bank statement?

What you need to conceal in financial records will vary depending on the circumstances. Editing software like EaseUS PDF Editor can be used to delete data or blank out the text area if you need to conceal certain information.

Bank transfer and credit/debit data on bank statements can be concealed or omitted without breaking any ethical transactional reporting rules.

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