Financial Institution ABA Routing Number for the United States

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A valid US Bank routing number is required for any monetary transactions involving your US Bank checking or savings account. Please use this space to look up your bank's routing number in the United States.

There is a 9-digit identifier used by banks called a "routing number." You can think of them as a mailing address that other banks can use to locate your funds.

For a variety of purposes, you'll need your routing number, such as:

Enabling automatic payments

Benefiting from government handouts like tax rebates

Converting one bank's or investment firm's account to another's

Recurring payments for bills

Money transfers via wire

Banks with locations in more than one state typically use multiple routing numbers. Routing numbers for individual states and regions are used by US Bank, which has locations all over the USA.

If you want to make some purchases with a US Bank, you should read on to learn how to obtain a routing number.

State-Specific Bank Routing Numbers in the U.S.

The US Bank branch where you set up your account is linked to your unique routing number. Opening an account at one branch does not change the significance of the original branch.

The state-by-state list of US bank routing numbers follows.

State Bank Account Number Also Known As: Routing Number Arizona 122105155 Arkansas 082000549 N.C. Ca. 121122676 Location: Southern California 122235821 Place: Aspen, Colorado 102101645 Outside of Denver, Colorado 102000021 Idaho 123103729 North Central Illinois 071904779 Illinois, Southern 081202759 Indiana 074900783 City of Council Bluffs, Iowa 104000029 Everywhere Else in Iowa 073000545 Kansas 101000187 Location: Northern Kentucky, Kentucky 042100175 Western Kentucky 083900363 East Grand Forks, Minnesota. 091215927 Moorhead (in Minnesota) 091300023 Wherever you go in Minnesota, everything else 091000022 Missouri 081000210 Western Missouri 101200453 Montana 092900383 State of Nebraska (Council Bluffs, Iowa) 104000029 Nevada 121201694 New Mexico 107002312 Here in good ol' NC 064103707 Located in North Dakota (Moorhead, Minnesota) 091300023 A city in Ohio: Cleveland 041202582 Anywhere else in Ohio 042000013 Oregon 123000220 Dakota (State) 091408501 Tennessee 064000059 Utah 124302150 Washington 125000105 Wisconsin 075000022 Wyoming 307070115 Each and every other nation 091000022

Read on for alternate methods of locating your routing number if you either cannot locate your state or area of residence on the list or are unsure of where you originally opened your account.

Wire Transfer Routing Numbers (Domestic and Global)

The time it takes to send money via wire is significantly less than that of an ACH transfer. It is possible to send and receive wire transfers between accounts at different banks using your US Bank account.

Acquiring Funds via Domestic or Foreign Wire Transfer
Any of the above US Bank branch locations should be able to provide you with the necessary routing number.

To send a domestic wire transfer, you must physically visit a branch and present your identification. Aside from your bank's routing and account numbers, you'll also need:

  • Name of account holder as it appears on the bank statement

Where the recipient's bank is located (full address required).

Number of account

The Bank's Routing Number

Transferring Money Overseas By Wire
In order to open an account, please bring proper identification and visit a branch. The SWIFT code for the US Bank is USBKUS44IMT.

These international bank routing numbers, known as SWIFT codes, are the universally accepted replacements for the United States' routing numbers S Bank account details In the case of cross-border monetary transactions, they ensure that the funds reach the appropriate financial institution.

Besides those things:

  • Name of the account holder, as it appears on the check

Specifics on the receiving bank and its country

A recipient's account number (which may require a format unique to the recipient's country, e. g (such as Mexico's CLABE or the International Bank Account Number used for accounts in other countries)

Code used to communicate with the bank receiving funds

Account currency (foreign currency or U. S dollars)

The reason for using wire

Can You Please Advise Me On The Appropriate US Bank Routing Number To Use?

When making a domestic wire transfer, always do the following:
You'll need the branch's routing number to send money from your account.

Whenever making a domestic wire transfer:
Enter the routing number associated with the bank where your account was originally opened.

Regarding overseas bank transfer procedures:
In order to send money to a US bank, please use SWIFT code USBKUS44IMT.

Obtaining an Alternative Routing Number for a US Bank

Some alternative methods for locating your US Bank routing number are listed below.

Get a Checkbook
The routing number of your checking account can be found on the bottom of your checks. The nine-digit number printed on the leftmost bottom of your check.

Go Online
In order to access US Bank online, please click here. Then, on the page displaying your bank transactions, select the link that reads "I'd like to list." Discover your account and routing numbers there.

Contact the Help Desk today!
Those interested in US Bank services should dial 800-872-2657. Provide some identifying information and the agent will verify your account details, including the routing number.

Do You Have a Routing Number on Your Debit or Credit Card?
You don't need a routing number to make a purchase with a debit card even though the card is linked to a specific bank account. Direct electronic fund transfers between bank accounts are the only legitimate use of routing numbers.

Similar to how credit cards don't have routing numbers because they aren't tied to a bank account, debit cards don't either. Like any other bill payment, if you want to pay your credit card bill online, you'll need to provide your bank's routing number.

As a result,

If you want to manage your finances, you'll need the routing number for a US bank. Hold onto it in case you ever need to set up a wire transfer, automatic payment, or direct deposit.

US Bank
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