Evaluations of the Merrick Bank Credit Cards, 2023

People with poor to fair credit can apply for a Merrick Bank credit card and use it for either building credit or an emergency. Applicants for credit cards from Merrick Bank can expect high fees and interest rates, but relatively relaxed approval standards.

The phone number to call if you have an issue with your existing credit card account at Merrick Bank is (800) 204-5936. Check out the latest deals and read about other people's experiences with credit cards from Merrick Bank down below.

merrick bank secured card
3 1/2 stars out of 5 There are a total of 1,218 reviews.
Secured Credit Card At Least a $200 Deposit is Required.

Protected Credit Card

A minimum deposit of $200

annual fee

Annual fee of $36 (first year) and zero ($) thereafter

Charge per month

No charge the first year, $3 annually thereafter

Bad Credit

Extra Material

  • You can choose a credit line amount between $200 and $3,000 if your application is approved.
  • The three major credit reporting agencies will be informed of your progress. By improving your results, you can repair and improve your credit.
  • Management software in the cloud In no cost, you can access your account details online.
  • The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insures your deposit.
  • If your credit limit is $200, and your annual fee is $36 (the average), your available credit will be about $164 ($164 minus the annual fee of $36), or $152 ($152 minus the annual fee of $36), respectively.
  • Learn More About the Classic Secured Credit Card from Merrick Bank.
merrick bank double your line secured card
A score of 4.5 Overall Rating: 4.4/5 based on 4 reviews
Secured Credit Card Costly Minimum Investment of $200

Safe Card

Costly Minimum Investment of $200

annual fee

First year is $36 and subsequent years are free.

Monthly Charge

First year is free, and subsequent years cost $3.

Bad Credit

More Details

  • If you make at least the minimum payment on time each month for the first seven months that your account is open, we'll increase your $200 credit line to $300.
  • The three major credit reporting agencies are informed of your progress. Your efforts will help you rebuild or restore your credit.
  • Software for managing projects online Online account management is available at no cost to you.
  • Your FDIC-insured security deposit is safe.
  • With a $200 credit line and a $36 annual fee, your actual starting balance will be around $164; with two cards, it will be around $152.
  • Further Information and Customer Feedback Regarding the Merrick Bank Double Your Line® Secured Credit Card
merrick bank platinum
3.50/5 stars With 29 Ratings and 29 Ratings
Annual percentage rate 23.70% - 29 95% (V)

23.70% - 29 95% (V)

annual fee

From $0 to the first year, then nothing

Payment Required Every Month

For the first year, there is no cost, and subsequent years range from zero to six dollars.

Bad Credit

Details Extra

  • To qualify for the Double Your LineTM bonus, you must make at least the minimum payment on time each month for the first seven months after opening your account. As of then, your credit limit will increase by 100%.
  • There will be three credit bureaus notified of your account's activity. Maintaining a good payment record over time will help your credit score.
  • The Initial Credit Lines Range from $550 to $1,350
  • Platinum Visa Holders Receive Special Perks
  • Further Information and Customer Feedback Regarding the Merrick Bank Credit Card
capital one quicksilver secured cash rewards credit card
An overall score of 3.02 on a 5-point scale We're Accepting Applications Right Now
Secured Credit Card The Bare Minimum Is $200

Safe Card

A minimum deposit of $200

value of rewards

Earn 1.5% to 5% Cash Back

Bad Credit

The most recent
Photo of kksisco2003
An Individual Who Has Been Successfully Authenticated
Service at Merrick is terrible. The staff is always hostile and rude, even when calling about a general item and an account that is in good standing. It's as if their agents begin in a defensive stance and gradually shift to an offensive one. Don't use card on purpose, but still pay $4/month to Merrick.
Product: Bank of Merrick Credit Cards
Photo of jewelsashley15
Validated Buyer
While I was not yet behind on any of my credit card payments when I began working with beyond financial, I was told by them that doing so would make it more difficult for them to negotiate a settlement on my behalf. Now that I've asked for assistance with unrelated accounts, I'm in a tangle because my credit card companies charged me excessive fees and interest.
Product: The Merrick Bank Credit Card
Photo of whuser67194372
A Trustworthy Client Verified
I have yet to receive my physical credit card. It's taking up room on my credit report, and I'm not sure what the charges on the account are for.
Product: Loans and Credit from Merrick Bank
Photo of mabelwells
Recognized as a Legitimate Purchaser
Since my identity was stolen, the only problem I've had with this bank is the terrible customer service. I finally got through to someone, but they were unable to assist me. They made a bad situation even worse for me by making it clear that they were unwilling to assist. When I said that since no one could help me, I'd just close the account, I was told that if I did so, I'd never be able to apply again, which I took to be a threat. doesn't need or want my money
Product: Credit Cards from Merrick Bank
Photo of Boodahbodi
Without even informing me, these moronic people closed my account. I've been bedridden in the hospital for the past two months, unable to take care of myself or keep an eye on the morons who need supervision. My merrick credit card didn't say declined when I tried to use it now that I'm back at work and trying to get everything done at once. And yet, after combing through my inbox and physical mail, I can find absolutely no correspondence from Merrick. On 01/12/23 at 10:00 PM PST, I called and got an answering machine for the first time in a year. So I did a conference call, and whoever the basset hound was promptly hung up. That guy who transferred me to my state finally shows up. The account was closed, as this piece of cow poop informed me. Please pardon me, I apologized. So he said it again, as if I hadn't heard him the first time. He tried to tell me in a sarcastic tone, "Well, we have that right," but I asked, "Without notice, where is this legal?" Nothing I said was echoed by him. In response to my claim that Merrick sent his last email on 12/15/22 (while he was still hospitalized), he said that the account had been closed on 12/11/22. Yet Nothing has been communicated via letter or email as of yet. You need a new invite because this piece of cow poop says we won't reopen the account. Because of your sarcasm, I told merrick that I would never do business with him again. This was the point at which I disconnected the call. I'd post a screenshot of the email I got about my December statement if I could, but I still haven't gotten anything a WEEK after I called.
Product: Credit Cards from Merrick Bank
Photo of wallethub_com_5
Validated Buyer
It's wonderful while you're in the process of repairing your credit, but it's awful once you've succeeded. Credit limits are extremely low, even for those with excellent credit, and the monthly fee can add up over the course of several years. I haven't used this card in over five years.
Merrick Bank Credit Card - A Product
Photo of robz_kool52
Recognized as a Legitimate Purchaser
It took a little longer than with other cards I've had to receive this one, but so far customer service has been satisfactory; however, I have yet to use the card. Just like with a book, I have high hopes for what's to come, but I won't know how good it is until I get to the end.
Product: Cards for Credit Purchases from Merrick Bank
Photo of dejesustangela38
Credentialed Shopper
If you are timely with your payments, your credit can increase by 50%. When my credit score went up, I didn't expect it. Usually, I settle credit card balances every 30 days. Having an interest in something isn't something I enjoy.
Product: Cash Advances at Merrick Bank Credit Cards
Photo of marie_swope
Accredited Purchaser
I've been paying my bills on time, and everything is going smoothly. After six months, I received a credit line increase, and I am currently awaiting my subsequent increase.
Product: Charge Cards from Merrick Bank
Photo of joegibbsclinic
Client Validation Processed
They switched to MasterCard from Visa and now there's a $3 fee on any unused cards while they wait for a replacement. A payment that was reported 60 days late was settled. 00 Account balance was zero for a long period of time. I was able to close my credit card account after a fun round of phone tag.
Product: Bank of Merrick Credit Cards
Review Critical Evaluations of Credit Cards from Merrick Bank

Discover the solutions to your concerns about the Merrick Bank Credit Card Reviews down below. Our FAQs section has the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Most Frequented
user avatar
Chip Lupo Author of Credit Card

Those who apply for a Merrick Bank Secured Card will have a maximum credit limit of $3,000. The minimum security deposit for this card is but the actual credit limit is set by the amount the cardholder deposits. $200

The highest amount of credit that can be obtained from Merrick Bank in an unsecured Credit Card from Merrick Bank The credit card will provide you with a predetermined credit limit between $550 to $1,350 if accepted, albeit In order to determine your precise credit limit, we will use the information you provide on your application to calculate an acceptable range.

The good news is that the credit limit you are given when you first apply for the Using Your Credit Card From Merrick Bank may be temporary because of the card's "Double Your Line" feature If you've used the Visa From Merrick Bank if you make all of your payments on time and in full for the first seven months that you have the card, your credit limit will be doubled.

user avatar

The credit card services offered by Merrick Bank are legitimate. It has nearly three million clients and is a Visa and Mastercard issuer. This organization's forte is assisting clients in establishing or restoring credit.

Reasons why you can trust Merrick Bank:

  • The Merrick Bank was established legally in 1997.  
  • Since 2012, Merrick Bank has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. BBB gives it an A+ rating as well.
  • The credit card company Merrick Bank has nearly 3 million customers.
  • You will not be responsible for any fraudulent charges made with your Merrick Bank credit card because of their "zero liability protection."

Clearly, Merrick Bank is a legitimate business. However, your individual financial circumstances will determine if a credit card from Merrick Bank is the best choice for you. The The Classic Secured Credit Card from Merrick Bank For those with less-than-perfect credit, for instance, opening an account with is a great first step toward restoring or establishing credit. bad credit  

The best credit cards offered by Merrick Bank include the following:

You can look into alternative secured credit card offers, as well as learn some extra techniques for enhancing your credit score. WalletHub is also a free resource for keeping tabs on your credit score.

user avatar
A. Boros, Evelyn Moderator, Credit Card Industry

By making regular purchases and timely payments with your new unsecured credit card from Merrick Bank for the first seven months, you may qualify for a credit limit increase. With this doubling, your credit line will expand by 100%.

After that, once a year, Merrick Bank will evaluate your account to determine if it merits an increase. Always paying your bills in full and on time will increase your chances of getting one. It would help if you had more money and a better credit score now than when you applied for the card.

You can also increase your credit limit on your Merrick Bank secured card by calling (800) 204-5936 and increasing your security deposit.

user avatar
Bill Memphres Online Credit Card Expert: WalletHub

Merrick Bank credit card approval times typically range from two business days to two weeks. The new credit card should arrive in 7-10 business days if you are approved.

Remember that you can contact the Merrick Bank and ask about the status of your application at (800) 253-2322 or on their website.

user avatar
Chip Lupo Card Maker, Author of Credit Notes

If you have bad credit, Merrick Bank may be an option. It is possible to get approved for any of the three credit cards offered by Merrick Bank, even if your credit score is below 640, if you are working to improve it. The Classic Secured Credit Card from Merrick Bank secured "Double Your Line" card, the Credit Card from Merrick Bank

If you're looking to repair your credit, you should know that all of the credit cards offered by Merrick Bank report account activity to the three major credit bureaus.


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