Earn More with Affirm Savings: Get 4.15% APY Across the Nation

Join Affirm today and start earning a remarkable 4.15% APY with their Savings account.

Discover the essentials about Affirm below.

Insight into Affirm Savings

Affirm has teamed up with Cross River Bank to provide financial technology to customers. Cross River Bank holds the savings accounts, while the deposits are insured by FDIC up to applicable limits. With Affirm, clients can feel at ease investing in secure and high-yielding savings products such as an FDIC-insured Savings Account that offers stress-free returns.

Here is what you need to know about Affirm Savings:

  • Balance Requirement
  • APY Rate
  • $0.01

4.15% APY

Affirm Savings Interest Rate

Interest rates will be compounded on a daily basis, with credits to be received monthly.

Account Type: Affirm Savings

Interest Rate: 4.15% APY

Availability: Nationwide, mobile app

Minimum Balance: None

Maximum Balance: None

Credit Inquiry: Soft pull

Opening Deposit: None

Monthly Fee: None

Early Termination Fee: None listed

(FDIC Insured)

Affirm ACH Capabilities & Limits

ACH Type


Daily $ Limit

Monthly $ Limit










Deposits may only be made via ACH or Wire Transfer and checks or cash deposits at ATMs will not be accepted.

How to Earn Affirm Rates

1. Open a Savings account.

2. Fill in your personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, email address, social security number, or tax ID.

3. Fund the account within 14 days by transferring funds from an internal account with Affirm or an external account with another bank.

4. Earn 4.15% APY as long as the account balance remains above $0.01.

Why You Should Sign Up For This Account

Take advantage of the following benefits of Affirm Savings:

  • - Earn 19x the National Average
  • - FDIC Insurance Up to Maximum Allowed by Law
  • - No Monthly Maintenance Fees
  • - Interest Compounded Daily
  • - Secure Electronic Statements
  • - Move Money Faster with Electronic Transfers
  • - Bankrate Safe & Sound 5-Star Rating
  • - Access Your Account Anytime with our Mobile App
  • Bottom Line

Act swiftly on this exceptional offer by Affirm to establish a Savings account and obtain their unbeatable rate, perfect for those with modest balances. Avoid missing out on this promotional rate by signing up with Affirm now before it vanishes unexpectedly.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest information regarding Affirm Online Savings by checking back frequently.

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