Discover the Top IRA Accounts for June 2023!

Investing in the financial markets is a fantastic opportunity to build your retirement fund, and to do that you'll need either a brokerage account or robo-advisor. A brokerage account allows you to choose the investments you'd like to make, including individual stocks, bonds, and stock funds. On the other hand, a robo-advisor can help build an investment portfolio for you, allocating your assets according to your risk tolerance and time horizon.

Regardless of whether you choose to manage your investments on your own or get some assistance, opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a great way to kickstart your retirement savings. An IRA not only safeguards your investments from tax liabilities but also provides you with an incredible tax advantage courtesy of the U.S. government.

The IRA acts as a "wrapper" or "shield" on a regular account, protecting it from unnecessary taxes. Numerous financial institutions offer the IRA, from banks to brokerages, insurance companies, and robo-advisors. Each institution provides various types of investment options, allowing you to choose the investments that best suit your risk appetite and financial goals.

Investments in an IRA determine the returns you'll ultimately earn. While stocks have shown significant growth opportunities historically, investments in CDs and bonds offer safer, low-risk returns. Keep in mind that higher returns come with higher risks. Therefore, you need to make informed decisions when choosing your investment options.

It's essential to read the comprehensive details of the IRA to take maximum advantage of the plan and avoid any pitfalls. You'll quickly understand why an IRA is one of the most popular retirement vehicles.

Here are some of the top brokerage accounts and robo-advisors you may consider using while setting up your IRA:

    Charles Schwab: This brokerage firm offers a broad range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs. Schwab has a long-standing reputation for being investor-friendly and provides quick customer service and commission-free trades. Investors looking to actively or passively manage their IRA funds may consider using Charles Schwab's services.

    In conclusion, An IRA is one of the best retirement vehicles to help you save for the future while receiving excellent tax benefits. With the right investment options and financial institution, you can build a solid retirement fund and safeguard your future financial security.


    Looking for a leading robo-advisor to manage your retirement portfolio? Wealthfront offers a personalized investment approach based on your risk tolerance and expected cash-out date. Thanks to automated portfolio rebalancing, your asset allocation stays on track. On top of that, you can enjoy access to a sophisticated goal-based planner and a full-service cash management account. With a reasonable management fee of 0.25% per year and additional expenses for ETFs held in your portfolio, Wealthfront offers a low-cost solution that will help you stay ahead of your retirement goals.

    Ideal for: Investors seeking professional portfolio handling at a budget-friendly cost.

    Fidelity Investments

    Fidelity is one of the best overall brokers in the market, thanks to its helpful customer service, user-friendly trading platforms for active investors, and a wide array of investment options. Plus, with over four mutual funds that are free of charge, IRA investors can rest easy knowing their portfolio is in good hands. Fidelity has comprehensive brokerage services that cater to different investors' needs, so you're sure to find something that suits your preferences.

    Ideal for: Investors seeking both active and passive investment styles.


    Vanguard is known for its low-cost mutual funds that caters to passive investors. With over 3,000 mutual funds available without transaction fees, Vanguard offers a straightforward approach to investing. This broker offers its mutual funds at a lower cost compared to other brokers, making it a great option for investors seeking the best bang for their buck. Furthermore, Vanguard has reduced its online trading commissions for stocks and ETFs, further lowering investor expenses.

    Ideal for: Investors looking to manage their IRA passively and who prefer Vanguard's mutual funds.


    Want a hands-off approach when it comes to your IRA? Betterment offers professional portfolio management services at a low, flat fee of 0.25%. This robo-advisor offers automatic portfolio rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting at no extra cost. Moreover, those with $100,000 or more can access human advisors for a nominal fee. If you're looking to have a robo-advisor manage your IRA, Betterment offers a natural choice.

    Ideal for: Investors seeking a hands-off approach to managing their IRA or easy access to human advisors.

    Interactive Brokers

    Interactive Brokers has a global presence, making it a good choice for investors looking for a one-stop-shop brokerage. Whether you're an active trader or a beginner investor, Interactive Brokers offers different platforms catered to different trading skill levels. For the active investor, their Pro platform is known for its premier execution and top-tier trading options. For the frugal investor, Interactive Brokers' Lite platform offers free trades. Above all, Interactive Brokers offers a secure platform, providing a sense of confidence for all investors.

    Ideal for: Investors seeking a brokerage with global access and different trading platforms catering to varying levels of investors.

    Looking for the right robo-advisor or brokerage to manage your IRA? Look no further than these top picks.

    For investors who trade frequently and want a diverse set of markets to choose from, consider Schwab Intelligent Portfolios. Schwab offers management with a personalized portfolio, low-cost ETFs, and excellent customer service at no additional fee. If you're looking for access to financial advisors, you can opt for the premium tier for a flat fee of $30 per month (plus a one-time setup fee of $300). You will need to deposit $5,000 for the base service or $25,000 for the premium, but the low cost and professional management may be worth it.

    Merrill Edge is another excellent choice for those looking to trade actively or passively. The brokerage offers great stock research, superb customer service, and the option for in-person assistance at over 2,000 Bank of America branches. If you are already a Bank of America customer, using Merrill Edge will make your financial business even more straightforward.

    For investors who want to try something different with their IRA, Fundrise may be the ideal solution. Fundrise offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate through REITs. This investment option may be a good fit for those looking to diversify their portfolio and take advantage of cash generated from real estate, which tends to be taxed. However, be aware that the investment may require locking your money in for several years.

    E-Trade is a popular choice for commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds (with over 6,500 options available). This all-purpose broker offers options for both active trading (with volume discounts) and passive investing (with third-party research).

    Last but not least, consider Firstrade for commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and options, as well as access to hundreds of no-transaction-fee mutual funds. Additionally, this broker offers nearly every type of IRA account, including SEP and SIMPLE, and provides free access to Morningstar reports.

    Ideal for: Investors who prefer to invest actively or passively.

    Fidelity Go: A Hands-Off Investment Option

    If you're looking for a more hands-off investment option, Fidelity Go is a robo-advisor worth considering. Accounts with less than $25,000 have no fees, and after that, the fee is only 0.35 percent. Fidelity funds, which have no expense ratios, are used to build portfolios, eliminating the additional fund fees charged by most robo-advisors. Additionally, being a Fidelity customer provides access to top-of-the-line educational resources and 24/7 customer service.

    Ideal for: Investors seeking a low-cost, professionally managed portfolio.

    How to Open an IRA Account

    You have various options for opening an IRA account, including utilizing a brokerage or robo-advisor. Providers have made the process quick and easy, with the ability to set up your IRA account in under 15 minutes. Simply follow the steps provided by the chosen provider's website.

    After selecting your chosen brokerage or robo-advisor, provide personal and financial details, including legal name, address, and Social Security number, among other necessary information. Once complete, connect your bank account to the IRA account and fund it.

    Choosing the right broker or robo-advisor may be the most challenging part. Be sure to review the best robo-advisors and best brokers to make an informed decision.

    Can I Transfer My IRA?

    Switching providers for your IRA has never been easier and can be done at any time, for any cause. It is best to execute this process directly from one broker to another to avoid possible additional taxes. Follow these easy steps to transfer your IRA:

      1. Open a new IRA account, which will be the recipient of your current IRA.

      2. Contact your new provider about a transfer. You may complete this process online, or if needed, a customer representative can assist you.

      3. Complete necessary transfer forms, either online or on paper, providing account details such as old provider and account number. There may be fees for moving investments from one account to another.

      4. Securities and cash will appear in your new account shortly after.

      Be cautious when transferring an IRA, especially between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA, as it could create significant tax liabilities. Ensure you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

      Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA: What's the Difference?

      Although both are tax-advantaged accounts that aid in retirement savings, there are distinctive differences between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA. Here are some key factors to consider when considering which account to choose:

        - In a traditional IRA, pre-tax income is contributed to the account, allowing for deductions from your income (if your income meets requirements). Those contributions grow tax-deferred until withdrawal in retirement when they become taxable income.

        - In a Roth IRA, contributions are after-tax, meaning you pay taxes on income before contributing. Any contribution growth is tax-free, and qualified withdrawals are tax-free as well.

        Consider your specific circumstances to determine which account is right for you.

        A Roth IRA is a type of retirement account where you can save money earned after taxes and watch it grow, all without paying taxes on it when you withdraw it during retirement. You can take out your contributions (but not the earnings) at any time without any tax penalties. Along with other perks, Roth IRAs have income limitations.

        Retirement experts might suggest a Roth IRA, but it ultimately depends on your financial situation. If you're older or earn a higher income, a traditional IRA might be a better choice since you can avoid paying income taxes at higher rates on today's income. It's also a good option if you believe tax rates will drop in the future. However, traditional IRAs become non-deductible at low income levels.

        On the other hand, a Roth IRA is ideal if you're younger or earn a lower income since it only forgoes a small tax break on contributions compared to a traditional IRA. It's also advantageous if you expect tax rates to increase in the future. Heirs can enjoy tax-free withdrawals as well.

        What Are the Most Common Types of IRAs?

        Traditional IRA: By contributing pre-tax dollars, you can lower your current tax bill with a traditional IRA. However, withdrawals will be taxed during retirement, making it an excellent option if you anticipate tax rates to decrease later.

        Roth IRA: Contributions to a Roth IRA are made with after-tax dollars, so you won't receive a tax break right now. But withdrawals are tax-free during retirement, and you don't have minimum distribution requirements like a traditional IRA.

        Rollover IRA: If you convert a 401(k) plan from a previous employer to an IRA, you will have more investment options than you would with an employer's plan.

        When Should You Consider Opening an IRA?

        Opening an IRA is a good idea at any time, but the earlier you do it, the more time you'll have to meet your retirement goals. Roth IRAs are particularly beneficial for those starting their careers since they're more likely to fall into a lower tax bracket than in the future. Contributing during your 20s and 30s allows for compounding interest to work its magic in achieving your goals.

        If you're 50 or older, you can add an extra $1,000 a year to your IRA to help you save up for retirement.

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