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Alan C My employee's paycheck was compromised by a phishing attempt from Cross River Bank. My employee's paycheck was being phished, and I got their account information in the same dishonest way. I made a phone call to Cross River's fraud division and offered some clarification. The

  • Alan C

    Attempts were made to steal one of my employees' salaries via a phishing account at Cross River Bank. Just as dishonestly as they were attempting to phish my employee's paycheck, I obtained their account information. I made a phone call to Cross River's fraud division and offered some clarification. The Fraud Division did not return a call seeking the phisher's contact details. To what extent do they "know their customer," or do they accept that their banking is a front for illegal activity?

  • Erin R


    My PPP loan's second draw came from CROSS RIVER BANK. In order to apply for loan cancellation, I need to provide the loan's original application and the loan's security number. Since I first contacted them back in August, they have refused to send them to me. Any business owners who have taken out PPP loans should heed this warning. The company that processes these loans is called "SCRATCH." They don't communicate with their clients or supply them with the means necessary to get their loans cancelled. They're horrible. Just look at the other reviews they've gotten. I'm a business owner who, like so many others, is still having a hard time making ends meet, and it breaks my heart that this bank provides loans but provides no other services to its clients.


    Reaction from the Public

    Their PPP Forgiveness How-To Links are Down. In fact, none of their links are active.


    Customer Reaction

    All of these PPP loans were made available through Cross River Bank, but neither INTUIT nor QUICKBOOKS ONLINE will accept responsibility for them.

  • Jaison N

    I applied for a *********** loan with Cross River Bank via Nerd Wallet and they responded by saying I was approved. This loan application was turned down. However, the truth is that I never even attempted to get this loan. They state in the letter that they checked with a credit reporting agency and found no trace of the debtor. Neither my Experian nor my TransUnion credit report has any recent inquiries on it. Several comments on the company's website state that customers are receiving loan offers they did not apply for. I will never do business with this company because of their sketchy reputation. Even though they can't get in touch with me, I'm sure they'll post a fake response saying they'll investigate.

  • Rebecca F

    A letter from this company informed me that I had applied for credit with them. I had not Apparently, they needed me to lift the freeze on my credit report.

  • Maria R

    This organization is listed as a new account on my credit report. This, believe me, is a fraud. Since I haven't heard anything back from them, it's safe to assume that they are either involved in the fraud themselves or are lax in their screening process. I Have This is fraud; I have reported it multiple times and asked for several loans to be cancelled, and Affirm has done nothing. You're the bank, so you need to handle this right away. There are a variety of loan IDs, including *********, U********, and *********. CON MEN FRAUD

  • R V

    Over the years, I've had a few truly horrible experiences with a few different businesses. We must single out the partnership between Sunlight Financial and Cross River Bank for special recognition. I deeply regret choosing this financial institution as the provider of my solar energy loan. They have a total lack of customer service and are completely unresponsive to emails. Keep an eye out; they might ghost you, too.


    ***** is a partner company of theirs. ***** promotes his company using rental properties like the ones I have in Cortland and Duluth. They insist we use them to make down payments and rent payments. The ***** Rent office consistently rejects my applications without ever requesting identification documents to help them verify my identity. Then I'll get an email saying I'm approved, and then I'll get one saying I'm rejected. Either this business's website is broken or the business itself is broken. Providing service to customers is a joke, as they always seem to repeat the same tired lines. Please double-check my answers for typos I've had enough of them.

  • Mattias K

    The Cross River Bank preys on small businesses by offering fraudulent PPP loans. They fabricate information regarding approvals and payouts. It's inconceivable to me that they are given the green light to do business. Convincing small businesses that they won't be eligible for forgiveness when in fact they would and then charging them more than they would have received in forgiveness is unfair. It's bad enough that small businesses have to contend with Cross River Bank fraudsters.

  • Angel P

    If I could rate it, I would give it no stars. For the past two weeks, I have been trying to get this company to update my address. My full name, complete date of birth, last four digits of my social security number, email address, phone number, and physical address are all accurate. In response to their request for a recent utility or credit card statement, I forwarded one from my place of employment. They got it, but since it was sent from my work account, it wasn't valid; so I forwarded my bank statement to the same email address on file, and now they say they can't find anything under that email being sent, despite my having sent it twice. I simply need to change my address so that future credit card statements will be sent to the right place. No matter what I send them, they refuse to update my address, making me wonder if they even care that identity theft is a problem.

  • Tequana

    They demand payment for services not rendered. They'll report you to Experian otherwise. Hello *******, Payment Refused Hello *******, We were unable to process your payment for the following items. Kindly check and/or update your chosen method of payment. If you have verified that the information you entered for your payment is correct, please get in touch with your bank. Your order will be canceled if valid payment information is not received within 2 days. Specifications for Your Order Order Amend your method of payment. Amount of Payment Still Due: $295 29 Visa is accepted as a means of payment. Aborted Order Order: Hello *******, We regret to inform you that your order has been canceled due to payment issues. Cancelled orders will not incur any fees. If the information you entered for the card doesn't match the information the issuing bank has on file, the bank will likely decline the charge. Your Gift Card balance has been credited with all funds previously held for this purchase. Here you can check your card information for accuracy or add a new payment option before you place your next order: Coordinate Various Methods of Payment Please refer to the relevant sections of our Help Center to learn more about our supported payment methods and how to modify your existing orders. The earliest possible re-visit from you is anticipated. Amazon com *If you don't have a credit card, you can still buy an Amazon buy a com Gift Card with cash at retail locations Find out more about Purchasing an Amazon shop that accepts com Gift Cards This email was sent from a notification-only address that cannot receive new messages. Forget about responding to this message. For following up with Affirm, we appreciate it. I've gathered that you're calling about making a payment on your Amazon loan. We understand the importance of keeping you updated on your loan status, so please let me know what details you need. The Amazon loan (Transaction ID: Y40T-Y9JF) for the amount of $280 is reflected in your account. 00 dollars, processed on $280 $207.00 with a balance remaining As of today, December 16th, autopay has been turned off for 11. But the shopkeeper made $277. 11 and $2.50 left over after expenses At the age of 89, Amazon is demanding $278. age of majority (18) but transaction total exceeds available card balance I can assure you that we will not add interest to late payments or charge late fees. We must report loan activity to Experian on a regular basis and thus we ask that you pay us back as soon as possible. Affirm loans are subject to a credit check, and if payments are late, this could affect your eligibility for future loans. Log in to your Affirm account at to access your loan documents. affirm online at or through the Affirm mobile app If you have any further inquiries, you can reach us through the Affirm Help Center at affirm. com/help, or give them a call any day of the week between 7 AM and 10 PM CT. With warm regards ******* ** ****** **** ****** ********************* ********************************

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