Bank Account Unfreeze Procedure

It's terrifying and infuriating to find out your bank account has been frozen. Typically, there is zero warning before you are abruptly cut off from your money and forced to come up with an alternative payment method. There are many reasons why a bank account might become frozen, and each of these reasons has its own specific requirements for unlocking the account. Read on to learn how to restore access to your frozen bank account.

Exactly why Your Bank Account Was Locked

No withdrawals can be made from a frozen account. As a result, you won't be able to make withdrawals or buy anything. A court order is typically what causes a bank to freeze an account, but there are other circumstances in which the bank might do so on its own.

A lack of account usage

Financial institutions have the right to close customers' accounts at any time, with or without warning. Reasons for this could be anything from simple inactivity to a lack of use. To put it another way, if this is the case, you can't withdraw the money from your account right away, but your account isn't technically frozen. In the case of an inactive account, the bank is obligated to return any funds that may have been held. It has the legal authority to deduct any amounts owed from your account. If a check isn't mailed to you automatically, all it takes is a quick phone call to request it.  

Criminal or fraudulent behavior

Because a bank's standing is directly tied to its ability to protect its customers' funds, account security is a top priority. When you make a purchase or withdraw cash from your bank account that is significantly larger than usual, the bank may suspect fraud and freeze your account. Without notifying the bank beforehand, a fraud freeze may be placed on your account if you use the card outside of the country or state where you normally use it.  

Banks may cooperate with law enforcement by freezing the accounts of those who are suspected of or convicted of criminal activity. The bank may place a hold on the account if it suspects illegal activity, such as money laundering.  

Arbitration award

Creditors can file a lawsuit against you, and if they win, they will have the legal right to collect the money they are owed. One of the most powerful mechanisms for enforcing judgments is the ability to freeze a debtor's bank accounts.  

When your bank account freezes, what happens?

You won't have access to your money if your account is frozen until the issue has been fixed. The suspension of your account will prevent any further withdrawals or payments on the due date. Therefore, if you do not cancel the automatic payments, you will most likely be charged a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee because these payments will bounce.

If suspicious activity has caused your bank account to be frozen,

In cases where there is only a minor issue or misunderstanding, the freeze may only last 7-10 days. After 30 days, the bank may decide whether to unfreeze the account or close it permanently based on the documentation it has been given, depending on the complexity of the situation.

When a person's financial resources are seized due to debt,

If you don't meet the criteria for thawing a frozen bank account, it could stay frozen indefinitely. In most cases, however, you'll have three weeks to settle your dispute with the creditor.  

Creditors and collection agencies can file a lawsuit for unpaid debt up until the statute of limitations expires, which can be anywhere from three to fifteen years depending on the nature of the debt and the jurisdiction in which the debtor resides.

Actions to take in order to access your frozen bank account

When your bank account freezes up, you can try to unfreeze it by following these steps.

Get in touch with your financial institution.

If your account has been frozen due to suspicious activity, simply calling the bank will resolve any outstanding issues.  

Get in touch with your creditors.

When you pay a lump sum or enter into a repayment plan with the creditor, they will unfreeze your account and release the funds to you so that you can pay off the judgment.

Withdrawals of certain types of money, such as Social Security and government aid, are not affected by bank freezes. If the funds in the account are protected from debt collection, even if the creditor has obtained a judgment against you, they cannot freeze the account. To have this portion of your money released, you'll need to show proof that it is exempt. They must remove the hold if any portion of the account is exempt.  

Think About Declaring Bankruptcy

Bank accounts can sometimes be unfrozen after filing for bankruptcy, but this process can take some time. Before taking any action, the bank requires a court order. Filing for bankruptcy before any collection activity has begun can often be effective. There are other ramifications of bankruptcy besides its obvious effect on your credit that you should think about before you decide to file.   

Conclusions regarding frozen bank accounts

In spite of how helpless you may feel when your bank account freezes, you can unfreeze it and access your funds by following the steps outlined here. If a creditor has placed a hold on your account because of money you owe them, you should get in touch with them. To get the money back, you can file for bankruptcy or consult a lawyer about revoking the judgment.


When a bank account is frozen, it can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to unfreeze it. Usually, funds frozen due to fraud suspicions are released within a week. Accounts can be frozen indefinitely if there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.  

A bank account can be frozen if you owe money and you don't take the necessary steps to unfreeze the account. The bank may charge you insufficient funds fees or overdraft fees if you make a purchase or withdrawal and your account remains frozen due to a fraud alert.

If you fix whatever's blocking your bank account, you can access the funds inside. No withdrawals or purchases can be made until the freeze is lifted.

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