A Look at Business Banking in 2023 from Lili

Freelancers and business owners are accustomed to the feast-or-famine nature of their income. It's not just preferable to keep costs low, it's essential.  

To better serve independent workers, Lili developed a checking account product. It has excellent budgeting, tax-cutting, and accounting functions. And there is no charge for the Standard account every month.  

But does Lili provide enough features tailored to freelancers that you should ditch your current business checking provider in favor of them? Come on, then, and we'll find out

Lili Bank Review
  • Lili Standard does not have a recurring monthly maintenance fee.
  • The ability to classify costs and generate reports
  • Lili is available on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Typical Lili Price: Free

Price of the Lili Pro version: 00

In the realm of financial technologies, Lili is a banking platform designed with independent contractors and small business owners in mind. Its headquarters are in New York City, where it was established in November 2018. Lilac Bar David and Liran Zelkha are its co-founders. Over million was raised by Lili.

"We think freelance work is the future of work, and the recent pandemic has changed everything about how people approach careers, speeding up the transition toward independence in the American workforce even more than we anticipated." In the words of Bar David,

Demand for Lili, according to Bar David, has skyrocketed in recent months. She hypothesizes that this is because more people are looking for banking options that are geared toward self-employed professionals.

All types of businesses, from sole proprietorships to S-corporations and everything in between, can take advantage of Lili's business banking services.  

Once you've signed up for Lili, you'll be able to manage your account from anywhere with the accompanying mobile app. You can now also reach Lili through her website if that's more your style.

Given that most self-employed people use desktops or laptops, it follows that they use browsers to access their financial accounts from the same devices.  

A Visa business debit card is included with each checking account. That there is no specific business credit card has been criticized by some. Lili, however, is a checking account product, so it only makes sense to offer a debit card in tandem with the account. The debit card can be frozen and unfrozen from the mobile app.

Customers of Lili's receive a routing number in order to set up direct deposit in the same way that customers of other banks do. But the real highlight of working with Lili is how quickly deposits are made. It boasts that its customers can expect their direct deposits up to two days earlier than they would at a typical bank. The Lili team has stated that it intends to increase the current monthly deposit limit of $50,000 very soon.

Additionally, users can link their existing payment apps (Venmo, CashApp, Paypal) and online platforms (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) to Lili, and cash deposits can be made at leading retailers (roughly 90,000 locations). Payments from third-party platforms (i.e., Fiverr, Upwork) can be made directly to Lili's bank account.

Mobile check deposits are an area of weakness. If you want to use this function in the mobile app, you'll need to have a steady monthly income of $200.

Some independent contractors might not see this as a problem. On the other hand, everyone else will have to figure out an alternative to mobile deposits for the first $200 you receive each month. Depositing paper checks as soon as possible after receiving your first digital payment is one possible solution.

Freelancers can make the most of Lili's reporting and tools. For this reason, we refer to it as an excellent resource for preparing financial plans for commercial enterprises.

Lili debit card purchases are automatically reflected in the companion app. You can then quickly and easily classify each purchase as "personal" or "business" by swiping to the left or right. "

Lili not only streamlines the process of classifying expenses, but also provides reporting for such things as taxes and financial insights. This is more than you'd get with a regular bank account.

Many entrepreneurs, especially those running smaller enterprises, may use report-generating features of financial management software that they purchase. For this reason, you may be able to cancel your accounting software account and save money if Lili's free reporting meets your needs.

Aside from reporting, Lili also features a great tax saving tool that can be set to automatically deduct a certain percentage of each income, and an Emergency Bucket that can be used to save for unexpected expenses with small, daily deposits. For instance, to prepare for unexpected expenses, you can allocate a certain sum of money every day, even if it's just a dollar.

This can be a real lifesaver come tax time for freelancers who either don't know how much they owe or simply forget. Additionally, Lili claims it will soon be able to produce Schedule Cs for its customers.

Also see: Deducting Business Expenses From Your Tax Return If You Have an Online Store

Although Lili initially focused on mobile, the company has expanded to support desktop computers in the past 12 months. Freelancers who previously had to email themselves reports to view will find this a huge time-saver.

With the recent announcement of a new premium account tier called Lili Pro, the company has expanded its offerings. More than just the aforementioned advantages, Lili Pro also provides:

  • Get cash back at more than 14 thousand stores.
  • Accounts that can hold as much as $1 5 percent annual percentage yield (compare this to other Business Savings Accounts here).
  • Invoicing without limits
  • A no-cost overdraft of up to $200
  • Superior accounting of costs

There is a monthly fee, however, if you decide to upgrade to Lili Pro. For the time being, you can purchase Lili Pro for . 0 monthly  

Try out Lili Pro >> now!

If you're looking for a bank with minimal fees, your search ends with Lili. There are no hidden costs or additional charges with Lili Standard.

  • Recurring Costs
  • An Item That Was Returned
  • Don't make any more payments
  • Returned Deposit Item
  • Send Money
  • Unused account

As far as we can tell, using an ATM is the only way to incur additional costs with a Lili Standard account. If you use an ATM that is not part of your network, you will be charged $2. $US50/use outside the US S fee is $5 00 per use

Earlier, we mentioned that the price of Lili Pro is . $0.00 per month, with no fees for overdrafts up to $200.00 This Pro feature, which Lili dubs "BalanceUp," But whether or not overdrafts are permitted with Lili Standard accounts and what fees are assessed when they occur remain unknown.

Lili Business Bank Comparison
Lili Business Bank Comparison: LendingClub Bank
Lili Business Bank Comparison: Novo

Fee of $10 (Waived if Conditions are Met).

Absolutely, up to a point. 5%

(Only available to Lili Pro readers)

Registering for a Lili account is as simple as visiting their website. You can do it in under 3 minutes.

Single-Owner Limited Liability Companies will soon have company support, the company said recently. You can now use your business information to open a Lili account even if you're a sole proprietor who has chosen to incorporate as a Single Owner LLC.

After signing up for Lili on the website, the next step is to get the mobile app. Digital debit card use is available immediately, while physical Visa debit cards will arrive within 10 business days.

Lili's partner bank, Choice Financial Group, is an FDIC-insured institution, so your deposits are safe up to $250,000 per customer.

Your debit card is also subject to instant freezing and thawing. In addition, you can have notifications of transactions sent to you in near-real time.

Assuming you're the type of freelancer who already prefers to handle all of their financial transactions via mobile app, Lili could be a great fit for you. Low or no fees are charged, and features like expense categorization and tax reporting tools are included.

To get access to the ability to earn rewards or interest, however, you will need to pay the monthly fee for Lili Pro. Other business checking accounts, such as LendingClub Bank's Tailored Checking and Novo, may be more cost-effective for these purposes.

Explore all ten of our recommended business checking accounts for startups and small businesses >>>.

Up to 1 5% (for Lili Pro subscribers only)

No Money by Lili Standard

Value of the Pro version of Lili: 00

  • When using an ATM that is not part of your network, you will be charged $2. 50
  • Out-of-U S There is a $5 fee for using an automated teller machine. 00

Monday through Friday (EST) 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Get $50 for every person you refer (up to 10 times).

  • Financial Obligations: Costs and Prices
  • Solutions and Products
  • Helping Out Customers
  • Facilitation of Employment
  • Indicators and Aids


Freelancers can benefit from Lili, a business checking account with no monthly fees that pays interest and provides tools for managing expenses and taxes.


  • Lili Basic is available for no recurring cost.
  • Payments received through direct deposit arrive early
  • Tools for tax preparation
  • A total of 38,000 automated teller machines (ATMs) offer free cash withdrawals.


  • Mobile banking deposit limits
  • Only Premium members can accrue interest.
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