2023: Connect Your Bank Account with PayPal

Setting Up Your PayPal Account

If you already possess a PayPal account, you may bypass the following instructions.

Step 1. Start by navigating to the paypal.com website. Alternatively, you can create an account using the app available for download from your App Store.

Step 2. Once you arrive at the PayPal homepage, locate the "Sign Up" button situated on the top right-hand side of the page. Click the button. Following this, you will need to select either a business account or an individual account, depending on your intended use of PayPal. If you plan to trade products or goods for funds, choose the business option.

💡Tip: You may refer to our article comparing PayPal business accounts and personal accounts to assist you in making the best account selection.

Step 3. If your goal is to casually send and receive money from family and friends, opt for the individual option and click "Next."

Step 4. A prompt will appear requesting your phone number. Enter your phone number and click "Next."

Step 5. The subsequent form will require you to provide your name, email address, and desired password for account access.

Step 6. After selecting the "Continue" button, further personal information will be required, including your nationality and residential address.

Step 7. Once you select "Continue" again, your account will be created.

Step 8. An email will be sent to you, prompting you to verify your email address. After verification, your PayPal account will be ready for the next step.

Connecting Your Bank Account to PayPal on the Web

Now that your PayPal account is fully established, let's proceed with linking your bank account.

Step 1. For desktop users, access your Wallet by visiting the provided link.

Step 2. Located on the top left of the screen, click on "Link a bank."

Step 3. You will then be prompted to select your bank. Ensure you have all necessary bank information readily available for reference. A list of major banks will be displayed, but you can search for yours if it is not listed. Once you locate your bank, click on it.

Step 4. Two options will be presented: you can either log into your online bank account and click "Agree and Link," or you can choose "Link your bank another way." Note that the latter option will require 2-3 business days to activate.

Step 5. If you selected the second option, you will be redirected to a page where you must input your bank information. Choose the account type (checking or savings), and enter your bank account's routing and account numbers.

Step 6. Double-check the provided information for accuracy, then click the "Agree and Link" button. Within 3 business days, PayPal will deposit two small amounts, ranging from $0.01 to $0.99, into your bank account. Regularly check your account to confirm the deposits. This will confirm the successful linkage of your bank account.

💡Tip: If you do not receive the small deposits from PayPal, you can request them to be resent.

A Guide to Connect Your Bank Account Using the PayPal App

The process of linking your bank account through the PayPal app is quite similar to the online process, although the visual appearance may vary slightly.

Step 1: Begin by logging in to your account.

Step 2: Once you're signed in, locate the small symbol for settings in the upper right corner of your phone screen, then simply tap on it. This will open up various tabs, including Personal Information, Public Profile, and Message Center.

Step 3: Below these tabs, you'll find a specific section labeled as "Banks and Cards". Click on this tab, and it will direct you to the page where credit and debit card information is managed.

Step 4: Look for a small plus sign symbol in the top right corner, and click on it. This action will take you to a new screen displaying options for adding either a "Bank Account" or a "Debit or Credit Card".

Step 5: Select the option labeled "Bank Account", and a new page will appear prompting you to choose your bank. In case you cannot find your bank on the list, you can utilize the search bar at the top of the screen to locate it.

Step 6: At this stage, you will be asked to either sign in to your online bank account or manually link your bank using alternate methods. If you haven't set up an online account with your bank, choose the option "Link your bank another way", and provide the required details such as the account type, account number, and routing number.

Please note that opting for this manual approach may take around 2-3 business days to become effective.

Step 7: Once you have filled out the necessary bank information, click on the "Agree and Link" button located at the bottom of the screen. Within the next 3 business days, PayPal will send two small deposits to your bank account, similar to the process of linking a bank account through the online webpage.


Linking your bank account to PayPal is crucial if you wish to fully utilize the services provided by PayPal. The overall process is relatively straightforward, as long as you have all your bank information readily available.

It's worth mentioning that some individuals do not receive the test deposits from PayPal due to certain online banks consolidating small deposits into a single amount. Additionally, it's important to note that the test deposits are temporary and will be debited from your bank account.

If you require further information, you can refer to PayPal's official guide on how to link a bank account to PayPal.

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